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I '. <br />119 <br />i>:oo-i?ian to appropriate for construction af the village hall the amount <br />sf liioney which has been levied for Ghai; purpose mas nade by Utley, <br />seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />\ <br />Cotion to d.irect the village engineer to prepare plans and specifications <br />Par construction of a storm sewe~ in $he vicinity of PiftieQIi Street and <br />indianola Avenue was made by :Tillson, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Eotiion to adjourn was mde by Tiillson, s <br />1 Pwcsuaat to due call and notice thereof, a Special itieeting of the Village Cfouncil of the Village of Edina, vas duly held at the Village Hall in said Village, on the 27th day of December, 1945, 8% 7:3Q orclock P.U. <br />Bennepin Count-y, Einnesata, <br />The following memSse;rs wzre present: U%ley, WilXson, EavJthorTre, Todd; <br />md the fallowing was absent: 17yafi-t. <br />The Presiden'c announced %ha% the meeting was open for the consideratian <br />of bids far the puxckiase af $21,000 Set'rer Disepiet &o. 12 Varrants, as <br />advertised Tor sale by the Village Clerk in accordance aith a reso- lutian adoptedl by the Village Cauncil on December 10, 1945. <br />The Clerk presented an affidavif; shoving publication of notice of sale ~ of said bonds €ma weeks in the official newspaper, which was exmined <br />and found satisfactory, and ordered placed on file. The President <br />then called for bids. TITO sealed bids were received and the highesfi <br />and, hest bid of each bidder 'cvas found 80 be as follovs: <br />I <br />iTme of Bidder <br />Earold E. Wood eC CORIP~EY, St.Pau1 <br />Amount of Bid <br />$21,0043, plus accrued in%erest from da-ke- of avarranCs Eo dlalie of delivery OH or before 1/27/46, <br />Interest Rate - 3&%. <br />t . Piper, Jaffray & Hop~,rood $$219000, plus a premium of $75.00, P~~s~~sc9rne~eiat~$est Go date on iyhich delivery is accepted. Interest Rate - z-:$ <br />Af'S;er eo nsfderatian af said bZd, Clerk Hawthorne introduced the {fallowing Resolu%iQn and moved its adoptiano <br />\ <br />E3 IT RESOLVB.3 by the Villsge Council al" the Village of Etdina, <br />Uinnesota, that the bid af Piper, Saffray .?e Eopmood, Xinneapolis, <br />Einnesota, to pmchase $21,080 Sener Distric-k KO. 12 Vwrants in accordance aith the resolution adopted December 10, 1945, and the <br />no-iiice of sale, is hereby accepted, said bid being 80 purchse said <br />obligations bearing interest st the rate af 2$% per. amtam at a price <br />of @i90?5.00.. <br />The maLion for the adoption af the foregoing resolti-bi'on Was duly seconded by Trustee Utleg, and upon vote beivrg taken Ghereon -%he <br />' following voted in Pavor thereof: Utley, Tillson, Havthorae and Todd; <br />ad the f ol1or;ring voted against the same: (nonaays 1 whereupon said <br />resoltitiin was declared duly passed and adopted. <br />I <br />President of the Council,