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Willson offered the fallowing Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />XKERZAS, Dr. Alvin 17yatt ha= been trustee of the Village of <br />Zdina for the past six yeaps, <br />AXD XTEWAS, he wax instrumental in establishing the Edina Eunicipal Court and was always a regular attendant and took an active part in all, council meetings, <br />TEXW?3UR%, be iZ; resolved that we express t~ him our thanks <br />ar,d apprecia%ian for his work as a council rneaber and that a <br />copy of this resolution 'be sent to Dr. Alvin 'Tyatt. <br />Zotion to adopt the Resolution mas seconded by UtIey, and on rolIlcall there were five ayes and no nays 8s follomsr Utley, aye; Willson, aye; <br />Zosne, aye; Harrporne, aye; Christopher, aye; and the Resolution mas <br />ado p4i ed <br />Tillson offered the follotrring Resolutian and moved its adoptions <br />?mmAS, T. L. Todd has been presfdent of the Village of <br />Edina for the past $1~0 years, <br />AIaD I7HEFt3AS9 under Xr. Toddts leadership the Village Park <br />property has been greatly enlarged, the Planning Comrnissian <br />ptle in operation, and iiIemorial Committee fomed, <br />THEIiEFORX, be it resolved that we express to him ow thanks <br />and appreciation for his work as president af this Council <br />and a copy af this Resolution be sent Gs T. Ir. Todd* <br />Eotion to adopt %he Resolution vas seconded by TJtley, and on rollcall <br />there were five ayes and no nays as folloms: Utley, aye; Villson, <br />aye; Zonne, aye; Hamthorne, aye; Christopher, aye; and the Resolution <br />mas ado pt ed <br />c <br />W <br />George Yillson, Chairman of the Public srlorks Committee, extended <br />invitation to the council to dinner at his home the second Saturday in February, for an informal meeting with the village Public Torks cr evr . <br />There being no further business to come before the council, Hawthorne <br />made a motion to adjourn. Totion se <br />Tile uinutes of tile liegular Leeting af Dececiber 10, 1945, the Special <br />i eeBin5 of Deceaber 2'7, 1945, and the Regular l'eeting of January 14, <br />Is4t-1, uere read ar,d appraved. <br />Iktion %a adopG Payroll totalling $ 2791.66 mas nade by 'JiIlson, aeconed by utley ami carried. _- <br />I