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218 <br />Cortncil &%Lerviewed ITilliam Victor Hoffman, applicdt €or position of police <br />patrolman. <br />mn Zonne of- TTsilliam Hoffman to position be approved was seconded by Utley and <br />carried. <br />salary be a total of $1?5.00 per month under the provision of the Government's <br />1'Gn-The-Job Training Program" with dum salary to be $200.00 per month was <br />seconded by utley and czrried. <br />Rotion by iiillson that appointment ,by Public Safety Committee Chair- <br />Rotion by %Uson that stabking date be July 17, 1946, and that startbg <br />There being no further bu6iness <br />per motion &illson, seconded by <br />to come before the meeting, it was adjourned, as <br />Utley and carried., <br />Village Clerk Pro-Tem <br />IWTSS OF THE; ADJOURNED PORTION OF <br />JUNE 24, 1946 f.ZEETING OF BOARD OF <br />l33Vm;J, HELD AT VILLAGE HALL JULY 22, 1946, AT 8:OO O'clock P.14. <br />Hembers of the Council r.ri?o acted as the Board of Review were ?lillsn, Utley, <br />&r.Schorne and Christopher, with zonne absent <br />Village Assessor Uex Creighton presented his Register of Valuations, reporting <br />that in accordance with request by the State Board of Taxation the total valreifiic@ <br />of the Village has been raised ten precent, five percentheing actual increase on <br />properties, andthe other five percent being effected in those properties on <br />which there are now improvements and wh'ch were formerly farms and have now been <br />basis of computation for present valuations. , <br />matter of information, 1-k. Creighton furnish the ccucnil with a schedule of his <br />bases of calculation for the past several years. <br />There were no objections, either mitten or oral, to Ikb, Creightonts valuations. <br />platted. %e Creighton explained that 3 anuary 1, 194.2 valuations were used as a <br />I%?. Utley suggested that, as a <br />Notion by utlex that Valuations Register be approved as submitted was seconded <br />by Hawthorne, and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before the Board of Review, the meeting <br />was adjourned, by Notion I.Tillson, seconded bys'awthorne and carried. <br />E-WmS OF TH% RXGWiR <br />EOINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, <br />HAIL JULY 22, 1946, at <br />Nembers present were klillson, %ley, Hawthorne, and Christopher. <br />Village Health O€ficer Dr. Lowell 31. Campbell reported that he and a member of the <br />State Board of Health, &. Rogers, had investigated the drainage condition on <br /> and Rutledge Avenues, and that procedues to be followed by Council would <br />be recommended by them af-ter a meeting with Village Hanager Smith to be held <br />Vednesday, July 31. <br />Dr. Campbell stated that he had investigated the Garrison hp at 70th and Cahill <br />and found it to be in good condition. <br />Dr, Campbell recommended spraying the dump Tdth D.D.T. for extermination of <br />flies, but stated that in his opinion the dump had nothing to do with the one <br />case or" Polio reported in Edina, <br />companies. <br />Investigation was made Sunday, July 20, <br />Smith reported quotations by two exterminating <br />14otion by Ejtawthorne that Health Officer Campbell and Ihnager Smith be given <br />aughority to have the dump spx-zyed as often as necessary vas seconded by &lLson <br />and carried. <br />Ifotion by Utley approving I-linutes of July 8, Ilieeting as subrdtted was seconded by <br />I?illson and carried. <br />Utley presented bond issue of $66,000.00 for Sanitary Sewer District no. 13, for <br />signatures. <br />Notion by Utley approving $11;225.03 claim of Phelps Drake company for construction <br />in Sanitary Sewer District Ho. 13, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried.