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1, being the installment of interest then due o~ its Sewer District XO. 13 i'larrant diated July I, 1946, EO. . <br />Countersigned: <br />President of the Village Council <br />Village Clerk <br />3. Said Ylarrants shall be printed under the direction of <br />the Village %erk and the President of the Village Council and Village Clerk are hereby autherized and directed ta execute said warrants a~cl Eo <br />affix the Village seal, and the interest coupons to be attached thereto <br />shall be executed and authre?tfcated by the printed, engraved or 15th- <br />ographed facsimile signatures of said officers. <br />Khen said sarrants have been fully executed as required . by laiT and by this resolution they shall be delivered to the purchaser <br />thereof upon receipt af the purchase price and said purchaser shall not be oblfged to see to the applicat8on of said purchase price. <br />5, Said warrants shallb payable solely from nioney collected <br />.from special assessments, and the full faith and credit of the Village <br />shall not be pledged to the payment of' said warrants ar,d interest there- <br />an as and =hen the same shall become due, but the Treasurer is authorized and directed to cause said warrants and the interest thereon to be paid aut of zny moneys of the Village available therefor. <br />' <br />I 4. <br />The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded <br />by Zonne, aod upon vote peing taken thereon, the folloving voted in <br />favor thereof; Zome, 'J'lillson and Utley; and the following voted against . <br />the same: no nays; rihereupon said resolutior? vas declared duly passed <br />and adopted. , <br />Preside& 33-0-Tem of! Village Cauncil <br />I - <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, Billsor,rs motion to adjourn vas seconded by Zonne and unanimously carried. <br />AcP;ing Village Clerk <br />Three members of the Board vere present: Zonne, i'lillson and Utley. <br />Trustee Willsavl stated Village Assessor's request that meeting of Eoard <br />of Reviea be adjourned until July 22$ 1946, because of Assessor Greightoo's InablXity to finish his assessment records ur,til that time. <br />. <br />Wllsonis motion that meeting of Board of Reriew be adjourned mtil Suly 22, 1946, andthat Clerk be dfrected to post notice of such adjourn- <br />ments Gas seconded by Zonne and unanimously carried. <br />J5ibZLzd.C <br />Acting Village clerk <br />P'INUTES OF THE REGULAE3 PXETIPTG OF <br />THE ZDIITA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD IN <br />VILLAGE HALL AT 8 P.E. , JUKE 24, 1946 <br />Three members of the Council. aere present: <br />Christopher and Hanthorne being absent. <br />President Pro-Tern Utley presided, and Deputy Clerk Cretcher, Schussler <br />acted as Clerk. <br />Eotion by Tfillson that Village Payroll in amount of $2,814.45 b'e <br />approved mas seconded by Zome and carried. <br />Z&e, Tfillson, Utley;