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3 <br />, <br />XINUTES OF THE SPECIAL Nl3ETING <br />OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUTJCIL, - HELD IB TIILLAGE HALL AT 7:30 <br />P.N., AUGUST 29, 1946 <br />$our aembers of the council iere present : Villson, Zonne, <br />Christopher, and Hawthorne, <br />Representatives of the Village Planning Cormn5ssion and of property owners in the vieinity.of E'iftieth Street and <br />France Avenue appeared to discuss opening of a public <br />alley between the existing business located on property omned by Xr, Vallace and athers to front on 2iftieth Street. <br />Bk. Bauer, representing Xr. \Tallace and other owners of the Fiftieth street property stated that they would be unable to dedicate property'for the proposed alley because plans for their <br />paposed building already have been accepted by the contemplated tenant .. <br />Nr. Stanckf'ield, owner of the building fronting on France , <br />cta€ed that he would be unable to provide an outlet for the <br />proposed alley on his proper€y. <br />Kotion to order closing of the private alley behind Kr. <br />Stanchfield's building to vehicles, but reouiring maintenance of a liqhted pedestrian may not less than six feet aide at <br />the rea& of the building, and providing for establishment of a loading yon8 on France avenue for delivery service of <br />tenants in the Stanchfield building 173s made by Zonne, seconded by Ekmthorne snd csrried. <br />Letter was received from Eorthern Sta,tes Power Go. regarding rerouting of power lines in the business district. Eotion to refer the letter to the village Engineer was made by I.;lav!thorne, seconded by Zonrte and carried. <br />Eotiorm to adjourn was made by -Hawthorne, seconded by Zonne <br />and carried. <br />. Village' Clerk