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43 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village of the Village of Edina that <br />the said work of improving said street is hereby accepted and designated as <br />Water %in Improvement Bo. 6; that the Clerk is directed to cause notice to <br />be published-in the Hennepin county Review on October 17, 1946, th3.t this <br />Council will meet on October 28, 1946 at the Village Hall to pass upon said <br />proposed assessment; that the tot91 cost of said improvement is determined to <br />be $4,157,68. <br />Notion to adopt the Resolution was seconded by Hawthorne, ad on rollcall <br />there were four ayes and no nays, 2,s follows: <br />Hawbhorne, aye; and Christopher, aye; and the Resolu.Lion was adopted, <br />Passed this 14th day of October, 1946, <br />%llson, aye; Utley, qe; <br />. <br />ATTEST : <br />Building Inspector Woehler presented plan for addition to back of Stanchfield <br />property on France Avenue. <br />seconded by key and carried, <br />Ffotion by Hawthorne that plan be approved was <br />Letter from Verne W. PIoss Jr. Attorney for ?h. G. HcPhail of 5333 34innehaha <br />Boulevard, concerning claim for sewer connection made to his residence in 1940, <br />was read and referred to "'r. Smith for reply. <br />Petition, signed by F.B, Sowle and Louis P. Peterson, for the improvement of <br />Vandervork Avenue, was read and referrgd to I%. Smith for investigation and <br />report , <br />Petition for extensions of sewer and water mains to serve Kent Avenue were <br />read, <br />and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council except consideration <br />of'the budget for 1947, the President called for motion to adjourn the meeting <br />until Thursday, October 17, at 7:30 Pol% Notion by Xillson was seconded by <br />3fotion by Hawthorn? that petitions be rejected was seconded by %ley <br />Utley and carried. <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURIiED PORTION OF <br />THE ,WGULAR OCTOBER 14, 1946 NEZTING <br />OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD <br />IN THE VILLAGE. HALL AT 7:30 P 3. <br />THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1946. <br />Members present were \ifillson, Utley, Hawthorne and Christopher. <br />Pursuant to October 14 motion for adjournment and due notice given, council <br />met for consideration OS budget for '1947. <br />discussion, Utley offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: , ATter due consideration and <br />'TESOLUTION - BUDGET FOE YEP! 1947 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Villape Council of the Village of Xdina that the <br />tax levy for the Vill'age of Edina for the year 1947 is: General Fund, <br />.310$,497,50; Poor Fund, $3 , 9OO,OO; Volunteer Fire Departmnt Relief <br />Association Fund, $399.00; .-and that the total levy is $lI2:,7$7.50, <br />Notion to adopt the Resolution was seconded by 'tzTillson, and on Rollcall there <br />were four ayes and no nags, as follows: Willson, aye; Utlep, aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye; and Christopher, aye; and the Resolution w3,s adopted, <br />ATTEST :