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Kellogg Avenue, from Street to .-. Kellogjg Place; Ilellogg Place, from Kellogg Avenue to uaklawn Avenue; <br />Oaklawn Avenue, from Kellogg Place to Nest 56th Street; <br />by construction of" mter main 'therein, the following bids have been <br />duly received and spened: <br />Phelps-Drake Company, %wspolis $63,494.80 <br />Lametti et Lametti, St. aul, IJ~. $3,652.00 <br />THEBFORE, BE IT RXSOLJBD, by the Village council of the Village of <br />Edina that the bid. of Phelps-Drake company, IWeapolis, is hereby <br />determined to be the bid of the lowest responsible bidder and the president <br />and clerk are hereby authorized and directed to enter into a contract <br />with said Phelps-Drake company in the name of the Village, for the <br />specifications therefore which have heretofore been approved b:jthis Council <br />and filed in the office of the clerk at the price specified in said bid, and <br />which said contract shall be approved as to form by the Village Attorney. <br />improvement of said portion of said streets, according to the plans and <br />BE IT FURTHER RZSOLVED that the clerk is hereby authorized andq directed <br />to return forthwith to all bidders the deposits made with their bids <br />except that the deposits of the succ::ssful bidder and the next loiqest bidder <br />shall be retained until the contract has been egged. <br />Motion to adopt the Resolution was seconded by Wllson, and on Rollcall there <br />were three ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />Christopher, 'aye; and thr Resolution was adopted. <br />Willsn, axe; Hawthorne, aye; and <br />ATTEST: <br />.- <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, Hnw-bhorne moved <br />for adjournment. Motion seconded by ilJillson and carried. <br />Village Clerk <br />NINT.JTES[..OF THE FEGULAR METING OF TH3 <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD IN VILLAGE <br />HALL, OCTOBER 14, 1946, AT 8:OO P.M. <br />Plembers present were Millson, ULley, Hawthorne, and Christopher. <br />Minutes of the meeting of September 23, 1946 were approved as submitted, by . <br />hotion Ifillson, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Motion by trillson a@pi;.oving payrolls in the amount of $2,744.73, was <br />seconded by Utley and carried. <br />* <br />NAME CLAIM i+ GIZOSS A&Tl'. W. TLS NET All". <br />Administrative <br />Phil w. Smith 380 208.33 23 90 184 43 <br />Gretchen Schussler 381 97.50 12.60 84.90 <br />Helene Freeman 3 83 50.00 4.80 L,5.20 <br />384 10.50 -0- 10 . 50 Dorothy Richter <br />Sub-t otal <br />Anne L. Phillips 382 47 . 60 .10 47.50 <br />4.13 93 4w 372.53 <br />Pollee Dept. <br />Hilding Dah1 <br />khn S. Heydt <br />3 95 <br />386 <br />Clayton Erickson 387 <br />Clargnce Knutson 388 <br />Donald idelson 389 <br />Win V. Hoffman 3 90 <br />Sub-t ot a1 <br />STE!GT DEPT . iWG. <br />Phil Bailey <br />S.J. Roberts <br />P .H . Dahlgren <br />3 91 <br />3 92 <br />3 93 <br />117 . 50 8.10 109.40 <br />100 . 00 5.40 94.60 <br />100.00 9.40 90 . 60 <br />100.00 5.40 94.60 <br />95 a00 4.40 90 60 <br />55 .oo 5.40 49.60 <br />.5m 38.10 529.40 <br />112 . 50 3-50 109.00 <br />106 . 90 6.40 100 . 50 <br />100 . 00 9.40 90.60