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1/6/47 i <br />The Council met in their regular Committee meeging of the month, with <br />all members present, and before official opening Special session, heard <br />the following, informally: <br />Nessrs ZJ. Krafft , IJichols, and Steinke, representing the Planning Commission, <br />and r. H.R. Burton, subdivider of Wirror Lakes in Edina", reported on MI-. <br />EurtOnls proposed dedication, on a 5-year option, of a pmcel of land bordering <br />E=,,st IError Lakes in Edina, <br />of this property, and &. &ton stated that if necessanj, one-half the cost <br />of constructing such road could be spread over all the lots platted in <br />Virror Lakes in Edina" . <br />instructed to prepare estimate of cost of the construction of such road, <br />The Planning Commission recommended the acquisikion <br />The gmtlemen were informed that Ik. Smith had been <br />l-'lessrs. <br />with the First Edina State Bank, <br />IZolfness and Oredson extended an invitgtion to the Village to bank <br />AppLicvrLs for Off-sale Liquor Licenses were heard as follom: <br />Attorney Bryngelson, representing 1.Ialcol.m ti. \&Pie-re Formal <br />Applicxbion filed October 26, 1946, and amended January 6, 1947. <br />Harry S. Davis, representing Edina American Legion Post No. 471 . Housing Fouhdation, 1nc.- re Formal Application filed January 6, 19.4'7. <br />Attorney Charles Smith, representing Joseph A, Barnes-re Formal <br />-Application filed December 16, 1946. <br />1 Orville H. Dam, represenLin9 Pauline J. Dahl- re Form1 Application <br />filed January 6, 1947. <br />At this Doint the President called for a motion for Special Meeting of <br />the Village Council. <br />Special Session as of this time, was seconded by Loiule,rtnd unanimously <br />carried zs follows: <br />2nd Christopher, aye . <br />I4otion by Hawthorne that the Council be declared in <br />Utley, aye; I-Jillson, aye; Zonne, aye; HmJchorne, aye; <br />The Clerk then presented Off-Sale Liquor License applications heretofore <br />filed with him, <br />^. <br />Utley offered the following Besolution and moved its cldopticn: <br />E33 IT RESOLYdD th2t the VillaEe Council take under advisement such <br />liquor license andications 11s are now before them, having in mind <br />possible 1947 legislation Which may effect final disposition of said <br />applications, <br />fiotion to adont the Besolution was seconded by I.lillson, znrl on Rollcall <br />there were five ayes and no nays, as follows: llillson, aye; bonne, aye; <br />Utley, aye; Idawbhorne, aye; and Christo-oher, aye; snd t he Resolubion ms <br />ado-oted. <br />ATTEST : <br />-- <br />En,ineer Smith presented Alex Creighton' s estimate of cost regarding <br />street naming and house numbering project. <br />ask Er. Creighton to proceed with the work of establishing a. house- <br />numbering system throughout the Village, using his own discreiion as <br />to hov ccmplete this information shall be, with b. Smith reporting to <br />the Council from time to time on the progress of the work and the current <br />cost to the Village. <br />There being no, further business to come before the meeting, it was adjourned <br />by I;otion iilillson, seconded by Hwthorne, and carried. <br />1Tr. Smith was instructed to