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MINUTES OF THE RIIGULAR PEETD?G OF THE <br />FEBRUARY 10, 1947, AT 8:OO P.M., IN <br />EDINA VILLAGE 3 CCUNCIL, HELD $%ONDAY, <br />EDINA VILLAGE - HALL . <br />:l Nembers present were Willson, Utley, and Christopher, <br />Deputy Clerk, acted as Clerk, <br />Messrs. <br />Park Board,.and Realtors Spring and Merritt of (the Spring Company and <br />H.R. Burton, Inc. requested information as to plat of Mirror Lakes in Edina <br />and study of proposed plat of Edina Highlands 2nd Addition and their relation ( <br />to the over-all area, Mr. Burton *asked khat the preliminary plat of Mirror <br />Lakes in Edina be approved by the Council-with Lot A dedicated to the Tillage <br />but carrying a clause that, in case Village did not improve Lot A within five <br />years, said property would revert "to owners of abutting property, <br />Nr. Burton statEd that, in his opinion the proposed thru-road at the West end <br />of East Error akes was not of particular benefit to his subdivision; and <br />I&. Spring of the Spring Company gave the opinion that the southern extension <br />of this road through his proposed subdivision would not benefit the subdivision. <br />I%,. Nichols, Planning Engineer, stated that the- road was planned by him to fill <br />the often cited need for a road in this general: locality, running from Interlachen <br />Boulevard to Highway No. 169; <br />a road at this particular place, <br />recommendation that such road be constructed to provide sufficient outlet for <br />future owners inthe two subdivisions concernec2. <br />Gretchen Schussler, <br />Krafft and Nichols of the Planning Commission, and Clark of the <br />and. that the topography would best lend itself to <br />Chairman Krafft reviewed the Planning Coxnmissionts <br />In inquiring about the property on his plat to be dedicated for park Purposes, <br />such property to be a large tract to the South of East Mirror %e, as per <br />Mr, Nichols' over-all study of the area, Mr. Spring was informed by the Council, <br />that plat would be approved with this dedication providing the Spring company <br />would fill in this property sufficiently to make it usable for park purposes <br />dthout further filling expense by the Village.. <br />Willson moved, Utley seconded, that the Council approve preliminary plat of <br />H,R. Burton's 14irror Lakes in Edina and study of the Spring Company! s proposed <br />plat now known as Edina Highlands Second Addition with dedications for an <br />eighty-foot roadway as presented, with the proviso that the developers assume <br />the cost of grading and blacktopping a thirty-foot roadway at this time, with <br />the Village to assume one-half the cost of such grading and blacktopping on <br />park and playground frontages. 'Motion carried, <br />' <br />* I <br />J. <br />Nr, Krafft asked that preliminaTy plats be presented tothe Council for their <br />approval after approval by the Plannibg Commission. <br />Spring supported Hr. Krafft in this request. <br />Messrs, Krafft, Nichols, and Swith bring their proposed plan of pfrocedure <br />before the Counci-l at an early date. <br />Mimutes of Neeting of ianuary 2fl, 1947 were approved as filed, by motion Willson, <br />seconded by Utley and barried. " <br />Notion by Willson, approving payroll in amount of $3,159,00, was seconded by <br />Utley and carried. <br />Nessrs. Burton, and <br />The Council requested that <br />NABE CLAIM # * <br />ADMIMISTRATIVE <br />Phil If. Smith 7tl.3 <br />Gretchen Schussler 7.!& <br />Bernice ", Johnson 745 <br />Helene Freeman 744 <br />Sub-t otal <br />ENGINEERING <br />Carl Miller <br />'Juel Belsaas <br />Fred Jonas <br />Ben Woehler <br />Sub-t otal <br />747 <br />749 <br />7k9 <br />750 <br />GROSS. W.TAX OTHER NET -- <br />250,OO 33.30 216 .YO <br />~10.00 15.00 95.00 <br />75.00 12.80 62.20 <br />62.50 6.80 <br />497*50 67.90 <br />110*00 11;10 <br />162,50 l'jbSO <br />120.00 17,OO <br />__55.70 <br />429.60 <br />98.90. <br />103 , 00 <br />UC6 70 <br />125.80 . <br />474,410 <br />e