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3/3/47 121 <br />KIXUT"S OF THE SPECIAL IE3TING OF <br />THZ 6DIIU VILLAGE CGUNCIL, EDINA <br />PLA4Nt'JING COIWISSION, AND EDINA <br />BOARD OF PAUE COiMISSIONERS, HELD <br />HARCH 3, 1947 AT 7:30 P.M. <br />7 Nsmbers present were .T?lillson, U'cley, Hawthorne, and Christopher of the <br />Village Council; Krzfft, Ryerse, Rougland, Thorpe and Nichols of the <br />Flanninc Commission; and Leary of the Board of Park Commissioners. <br />Tursunnt to due call and notice by the <br />thrce Boerds not to clarify Village policy with* reg-.rd to acquisition <br />nnd maintennnce of park and playground lands. <br />r resident of the Council, the I <br />Aftor considerable discussion a general pzrk policy was formulated, x5th each group <br />directed to bring suggestions and amendments before the council at a <br />future dqte. J <br />FIceting vms adjourned, by motion Hawthorne, seconded by %ley and <br />cwried. <br />MINUTES OF THE AD;TOU€U'JED P'ORTION OF THE <br />EDINA VILUGL CUUfiCIL, AS mLD MARCH 3, 1947 AT 8:TO P.M. IN THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />. <br />'FTBRUARY 24, 1947~~u~~ii MUTING OF THZ " <br />HALL <br />Fursuznt to due. call and notice by th'e President, the adjourned portion <br />of the regular P'leeting of February 24, was convened at $:30. <br />Members present were IJillson, Utley, ,Hawthorne and Christopher. <br />Committee reports were read and filed'tvith clerk. <br />Kction by %ley that Ibk. Nichols, >sultant for the fhning' Commission <br />bo permitted to work with the War <br />of tho War %moria1 Park at 50th and Wooddale was seconded by Hawthorne <br />ad carried. <br />emorial Codttee on the Planning <br />I <br />Utley moved that the Councills &formal action of February 28, 1947, <br />accepting the bids of the following insurance companies be confirmed: <br />* <br />1 Fred L, Gray Company, PEnneapblis 4ufiomobile Fleet Liability Policy 3/8/47-3/8/4$ <br />Public Liability-Power Shovel 4/$/47-4/8/4$ <br />. Fire Department Group Accident 3/1/47-3/1/48 <br />Hardware f4utual Casualty Co . , <br />Stevens Point, !lis . Vorkmen' s Compensation 3 /8/47-3/8/48 <br />Fire-Snow Fence b/U/47-4/14/48 <br />Hardware Indemnity Insurance Co. <br />Nimeapolis Automokile Fleet-Comprehensive <br />Fire, Lightning, Windstorm tk Theft 3/8/47-3/8/48 <br />Notion seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Motfon 1% Utley that the Council accept McEnary & Krafft's amended proposal of <br />February 28, 1947 for making preliminary studies and drawings for the alteration and <br />conpletion of the Village Hall, w~s seconded Urj Hawthorne and carried. <br />Notion by Utley that Villa2e Engineer be directed to make study of garbage <br />collection rates for comnercial properties was seconded by \illson and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before the meeting, haw tho me!^ motion for <br />adjournment was seconded by Willson and carried. <br />v. <br />' Village Clerk