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Application of Everett Garrison, for permission to move two hog houses <br />to his premises on Valley View Road, was presented. <br />permits be denied. Motion seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Willson moved that <br />c In discussion as to the present Zoning Ordinance, Mr. Nindhorst was <br />directed to prepare an amendment to this Ordinance, limiting the defination <br />of rlFadngtr <br />Oral complaint of Ik. Trafzer, that Don McClellan is again operating .a <br />cormnerc5al business on his premises at 6201 Peacedale Avenue, was <br />reported by Mr. Smith. <br />his attention, <br />This matter ms referred to %. Windhorst for <br />Mr. Smith reported LeRoy Balfanz application for permit to operate a <br />used-car lot on the premises of the Edina Pure Oil Station at 50th 2nd <br />Halifax. Application referred to Village Manager for further study. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, Hawthorne!s <br />,motion for ndjourement wasseconded by Willson and carried. <br />3IIWTES OF THE MGULAR MEETING OF <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD <br />MONDAY, MARCH 24,. 19.47, A? 8:OO P.M., <br />IN THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Nembers present were Zonne, FJillson, Hawthorne and Christopher. <br />Nr. D.J, Bren, representing the Ninneapolis Street Railway Company, <br />presented the following Resolution 'for the Council' s approval: <br />RESOLUTION <br />'WHEREAS, the Ninnenpolis Street kilwzy Compzny intends to plccce in operation on a temporary basis a bus line on West 50th Street in the <br />City of Minneapolis, which sill terminate at 50th Street and France <br />Avenue; and * <br />WHEREAS3 the ViI-Zage Council has received numerous requests for a <br />westerly extension of. said line in the- Village of, Edina: and <br />IEREAS the Ninneapolis Street Railway Company is willing to <br />' inaugurste 3.60 day trial operation of. the exbensbon requested. <br />I <br />>TOW3 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVZD, by the Village council of the Villzge <br />Compmy to ths N&nesota bilroad and Ewehouse Commission for CL temporary <br />Certificzte of 'ublic Convenience 2nd Necessity pefmitting 'cho operztior of <br />a %rid crossto~m bus LIne over the following describsd r>J.'ie: <br />iritersection. of France Avenue South and Yest 50th Street; thence westerly <br />on 50th Street to Wooddale Avenue; thence southerly on Wooddale Avenue to <br />56th Street; % retwning via the sane route: <br />c of Edin-2 th?% it approves the petition of the 1Gnneapolis Street h,i17fzy <br />Comumciid Gt t he <br />That the total len&h of the trial bus route extension (round Tri;?) <br />is ipprovixm.teLy 2.5 miles. <br />I33 IT FUZHEIZ RESOLVXD th:t the operation of said bus line be on a <br />trial basis for a period of sixty d3,ys, under the following conditions: <br />during the shcy-days trial period the bus does not carry an average of at <br /> 4.5 totzl passengers per bus mile of operation, the Village Council <br />does consent that the, R-!.ilroad and krchouse Codssion permit the discontinuznce <br />of said bus Line, <br />If <br />The operction of the trial period to commence as soon as bus equipment is <br />available . <br />The fare to be charged @B %he %r5aX bus lines for o one-way ride within the <br />Villzge of Edina, to be five cents (53) cash.