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6/2/47' <br />district, south to Edina!s north Village line. <br />Engineer Smith reported that the George W. Sandquist Construction Company <br />is anxious to have streets and alleys graded immediately, as per their <br />petition dated May 19, as it is necessary for their crews to get into <br />their property at once for construction work. <br />IJillson offered the following Resolution: <br />RESOLUTION SETTING STREET AND ALLEX <br />IMPROTTEMENT HEARING -L <br />l1JHERE;AS, the Village Council. desires on its own motion to improve the <br />following streets and alleys: <br />Mord Avenue, between W. 5lst Street and Inteelachen <br />Blvd. The North-South Alley, in Block 4, Brookside <br />Heights, from W. 5lst Street to the North lot lines <br />of Lots 6 and 23, Block 4. <br />The North-South Alley, in Block 3, Brookside Heights, <br />from W. 5lst Street to the North lot lines of Lots 6 <br />and 23* Block 3. <br />according to the plat of record and on file at the office of the Register <br />of Deeds for Hennepin County, by the grading thereof as authorized by <br />'Chapter 332, Laws 1903, now therefore, <br />EB IT RESOLVEI), By the Village Council ofthe Village of Ediua <br />that it fsldeemed necessary and expedient to grade said street and <br />alleys; and that on the 23rd day of June, 194'7, at.8:OO P.M., this <br />Council will meet at the Village Hall in said Village and will at said <br />time and place hear the prties interested therein in reference to such <br />improvement, and will decide whekher or nut to undertake such improve- <br />ment, in whole or in part. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That interested parties be notified <br />that if such improvement is undertaken, the cost of said construction <br />will be assessed against the abutting properties, in accordance with <br />law, <br />Motion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Child, and on Rollcall <br />there were four ayes, and no nays, as follows: <br />Utley, aye; Hawthorne, aye; and the Resolution was adopted. <br />Child, aye; &i.lson, aye; <br />President of Village Council <br />Motion by Utley that Trustee Willson and Manager Smith be delegated to <br />the League of Minnesota*MunicipdZ%iies Convention at Duluth, with ex- <br />pense accounts, was seconded by Child and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting <br />was adjourned, by*motion Willson, seconded by Child and carried. <br />MIMUTES OF THE SPECIAL IQZTTING OF THE <br />TUESDAY; JUNE 3, 1947, IN THE EDmA <br />EBINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD AT 9:oo P.H., <br />VILLAGE HAU <br />All members of the Village Council were present. <br />President Christopher called the meeting to order, stating that the <br />Special Meeting was being convened with unanimous consent ofthe Council,