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7/7/47 <br />Discussion was had on need for tree trimming and a general park program. <br />Pre,sident Chrsitopher wqs commissioned to secure Park Board's plan and <br />budget, by motion Utley, seconded by Hawthorne and carried.. <br />President Christopher recommended Mr. L, A. Dyregrove 4630 France Avenue <br />for membership in the recnetly appointed Special Parks and Playgrounds <br />Committee. Motion by Willson that Mr. Christopherts recommendation be <br />accepted was seconded by Hawthorne and unanimously carried, <br />Mr. Utley reported that E4r. Leonard Ode11 wishes to circulate petition for <br />lateral sewer extensions in the Browndale Park District. Motion by Utley that <br />Attorney Windhorst draft required petition, containing provisions that Council <br />give consideration to the practicability of sewer connection with St, Louis <br />Park trunk sewer, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried, Office was requested <br />to Teyiew minutes with regard %o contracts made with City of Minneapolis with <br />regard to payments for Joint Sewer District No, 1. <br />Report of Mr. George Willson, *delegate to the Minnesota Municipalities Conven- <br />tion held on June I3 to 13, 1947, was read, accepted and filed with Clerk. <br />Fire Chief Philip Bailey reported that he expected delivery of the new Fire <br />Truck about September 1, and asked for fire hose to equip truck. Rotion by <br />Hawthorne that Clerk be authorized to advertise for bids for 1000 feet 242" and <br />600 feet 1-1/21t hose, was seconded by Utley and cal?ried. <br />; <br />Motion by \?illson thgt meeting be adjourned to July 10, 1947, ms seconded <br />by Utley and carried, <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTIGN OF THE <br />JULY 7, 1947, ADJOURNED PORTION 9;F THE <br />JUNE 23, 1947, IlEGULaR NEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, AS HELD JULY 10, <br />1947, AT 8:OO P.X., AT THE) EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members present were Willson, Utley, Hawthorne, arid Christopher, <br />Utley offered :he following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />A RESOLUTICN PROVIDING FOR TKE ISSUANCE OF <br />1JATER.WORKS IBVENUE BONDS FOR TKE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING <br />&IONEX FOR THE PURCHASE AND DPROVEEENT OF TKE WATm <br />WORKS PUNT kJD SYSTE31 <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Mina is organized under the General Laws of the <br />State and has a population of more than 5000 inhabitants and an assessed valu- <br />ation of all taxable property of less then ~6,000,000.00 and <br />WHEREAS, there is a public water supply system owned by Gountry Glub Dis- <br />trict Service Company which upon acquisition will be part of the public water <br />supply system of the village, and <br />WHERFAS,. The Village has entered into a contract with the said Country <br />Club District Service Company for the purchase of wells, pumps, and equipment <br />for the operttion thereof, storage tanks,water mains, hydrants, and lands and <br />buildings for housing the same and incidental or necesssary equipment in con- <br />nection therewith, and <br />of Chepter 94, Laws of Minnesota l9&l, to issue revenue borids to finance mch <br />purchase and the construction of additional facilities, <br />IEIER.EAS, The Village is 'authorized under and pursuant to the provisions <br />NOW, THBREFORE, BE IT RE30LVED by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina, Itinnesota, as follows: