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7/10/47 ,20 9 <br />$94,000.00 Vatemorks Bonds, datel <br />July I, 1947, maturing years <br />1958 to 1967 inclusive-Par Value. <br />Interest 8 2-3/4%. <br />Trustee Utley then introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTI3N A'URDING: SALE OF $150,000 TATERYiORKS <br />REVEHJUE BC%DS OF 1937. <br />rjE IT SESnLVET), By the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Yinnesota, <br />that the bid of Allison-Tilliams Company and Associates, of b-linneapolis, Tilinnesota, <br />to purchnse 8150,000 Tatemorks Revenue 3onds of 1947 of the Village to be dated <br />July 1, 1947, at a price of ?150,000.00 bonds numbered 1 through 56 to bear inter- <br />est at the rate of 23' er annum and bonds numbered 57 through 150 to bear inter- <br />sst at the rate of 2-3 "7 4%per annum, principal and interest to be payable at the <br />main office of the First Wational Bank of Lfinneapolis, fdinneapolis, Xinnesota, <br />is found and determined to be the most favorable bid for the purchase of said <br />bonds and to be in accordance with the notice of sale heretofore duly given, <br />and said bid is hereby accepted, and the Village agrees to pay the reasonablo <br />and custommy charges of said paying agent for t e receipt and disbursement <br />of such principal and interest, <br />The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution vas dn1.g secmded by <br />Clerk Hawthorne, and upon vote being taken thereon <br />favor thereof: -I'Tillson, Utley, Hawthorne, and Christopher, and the following <br />voted against the same: Bo nay votes, whereupon said resolution was declared <br />duly passed and adopted. <br />the following voted in <br />President of Tillage Council <br />There bb6ng no further business to come before the meeting, Hawthorn's motion <br />YIITUTZX3 OF THE REGULAR ZJFETIWG OF THE <br />EDIlA VILLAGE 'COUILTCIL; HELD MOITDAY <br />JULY 14, 1947, AT 8:OO O'CLOCK P.X.; <br />IX THE EDZNA VILLAGE HALL <br />Ifembers present were Child, !?illson, Utley and Christopher. <br />Gretchen Schussler acted as clerk. <br />Deputy Clerk <br />Dr . Love11 14. Campbell, Village Health Officer, appeared before the Council <br />to advocate the following: <br />1. The the Village clean up the dump on the premises leased by <br />Edina Cab Company at 62nd and Wooddale, assessing the cost <br />of such cleaning against the property ormer, in accordance <br />rrith Chnpter 145.22, Rinnesota Statutes; and that the Village <br />clean up the debris dumped by them at the roadside, south of <br />--Valley Tlem Road on Fooddale Avenue. <br />2. That notice be served on Eyerett Garrision to cease transporting <br />and dumping garbage from other Villages in the Village of Edina. <br />Dr. Campbell reported that Mr. Garrison's pig farm on Tialley <br />Road is in a bad sanitary condition. <br />3. That notice be served on owner and occupant of the property at <br />300 ylashington Avenue, giving them forty-eight hours in which <br />to remove debris and put into clean and sanitary condition <br />thnt portion of the premises occupied by one Tanner. <br />Qampbell and Officer Clayton Erickson presented pictures shoving <br />the filth found at this residence; also stating that the State <br />Fire Xarshall had served a clean-up notice lnst year, and that <br />there vraR danger-of persons being trapped in this building in <br />case of fire, because of their being only one exit from the <br />upstairs apartments. Village Attorney requested statements <br />of fact regarding conversion of this building from harness <br />factory to fourplex. <br />Dr.