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294 t <br />the President and Clerk of the Village are hereby authorized and directed to <br />execute and deliver certificates of indebtedness of the Village of Edina in the <br />aggregate sum of $4,500 to bear interest at the rate of 2% per wum payable <br />semi-annually, issued pursuant to resolution adopted September 8, 1947, for im- <br />provement of. the following street:. <br />by construction of Tlater Hain Extension therein, as authorize$ by. Chapter 425 <br />Laws of Iilinrzesota 1921, as amended, upon paypent of $4,590 and accrued interest <br />to the Village Treasurer in consideration therefore. <br />Notion to adopt the Resolution was seconded by Child, and on Rollcall there were <br />fom ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />e IT. 55th Street between Beard and Zenith Avenues <br />I . <br />Child, aye; ttillson, aye; Hawthorne, aye; and <br />Christopher, aye; and the Resolution was ,ad,op$ed. "e* <br />Hawthorne's motion for adjourmmt of the Neetirrg vras seconded by Child and <br />unanimously carried. <br />1.IINUTES OF THE REGULU I.IEETING OF THE <br />OCTOBER 27, 1947, AT 8:OO O'CLOCK P.N. <br />EDINA VII;LILcrE COUN,CIL, HELD IONDAY, <br />AT THE EDINA VILQ4GE HALL <br />All members of the Council were present. <br />Notion by IJillson, approving Etinutes of Regular Meeting of October 13, and Adjourned . <br />Eotion by llillson, approving Village Payrolls in amount of $3,802.95, was seconded <br />by Utley and carried. I .Portion of October 13 meeting held October 20, was seconded by Child and carried. <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA <br />PAYROLL <br />0CTOBF;R 16TH TO OCTOBER 31st, 1947 <br />T$XPAL WITH, RETLRE.. HOSP. NET CLAD4 <br />EARNINGS TAX DEDUCT. DEDUCT. PAY NO. <br />rnuNCIL <br />C, J. Christopher, I4apr <br />Bower Hawthorne, Clerk <br />George A. llillson, Trustee <br />Harold C. Utley, Trustee <br />Fred S. Child, Trustee <br />J, J. Duggan, Treasurer <br />John Windhorst, Attorney <br />Ward B. Levris, Judge <br />Dr. L. 14. Campbell, Heal€h Officer <br />ADHINISTMTIVE <br />Phil W. Smith <br />Gretchen Schussler <br />Brnice $1. Johnsoh <br />Helene Freeman <br />Edna Velie <br />Sub-t otal <br />ENGI"G DEFT. <br />Carl Niller <br />John A. Sias <br />Fred Jonas <br />1387 1388 <br />1389 = <br />1390 1391 - <br />1392 <br />1393 <br />1394 <br />Sub-t otal