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- 11/24/47. <br />of Police Officer Wrobleski. <br />by Ifillson and carried. <br />Letter from Iarson and McLaren, inquirhg as to procedure 'co be follaved in continuing <br />plans for a house for Mrs. J, 0. Maland, to be locatea on t;he smth 80 feet of Lots 42 <br />and 43, Auditor's Subd. No. 172, was read. <br />discussion upon proposed condemnation of property for parking lot. <br />to inform Larson-and McIaren that the Council is tin no posikion to begin condemnation <br />proceedings until: such time as Planning Commission and Courrcil agree upon a defini%e * <br />parking plan, and that we are therefore, in no position to -offer definite information <br />at this time. 0 e <br />Preliminary Plat .of E. Ten Acres of NE *1/4 of SI? 3/4 of Section 29, Township 28,- Range <br />24, by C. Moe, wzs presented to the Council for a-pproval, having been approved by <br />Planning Cormnission November 4. Mr. Smith recommended approval by the Council, stating <br />that the plat presented is the best way of platting the small tract of land, and that <br />Mr. Moe has filed. latter from the Deputy Clerk oPthe Village of Richfield stating that <br />the thirty feet on the Richfield side of Xerxes Avenue is laid out and approved by <br />them. Motion by Eawthorne that prelimiaary plat be approved by Council was seconded by <br />Willson and carried. <br />3I.r. Smith asked for Council's views on possibility of pllr. Rekdahlls installing sewer <br />main between lots. in his pla-t, instead of in dedicated streets, as is the usuappro- <br />cedure. It was opinion.of Council that. such installation be rejected because of <br />difficulty of access to mains for maintenance purposes. <br />Notion by Hawthorne that license be granted was seconded <br />* 4 <br />This letter was written pursuant to informal <br />Manager was directed <br />* <br />Petition signed by Mr, F. Carlson, 5225- Minnehaha- Blvd. for. improvement of the alley <br />between Mimehaha. Blvd, and Halifax Avenue in order to make- it passable throughout the <br />year, was presented by Mr. Carlson. MP. Willson stated thadc the Village Crew would*do* <br />some gravelling in the alley this winter if possible, and if not, it would be done in <br />the spring, Mr. Carlson said that insofar as he was concerned it is not too important <br />that the work be done immediately3.'but khat some of the residents are having a <br />difficult time and would appreciate anything which can be done, <br />Matter of Garbage*Collection was referred to Committee Meeting of December 1. <br />There being no further business to come-before the Council,-Willsonls motion for ad- <br />journment was seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />* I <br />NCEE: FO2 BOARD :OF' CANVASS MEETING OF bECEMEBR?L, 1947, S& PAGE 338A <br />* <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, <br />HELD MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1947, <br />AT THE EDNA VIILAGE HALL. <br />Members present were Child, Willson, Hawthorne, Christopher and Utley, with Utley <br />coming late as recorded below. <br />Motion by Child, approving Minutes of November 24 Regular Meeting, and December 4 <br />Board of Canvass Meeting as submitted, was seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Motion by Nillson, authorizing payment of the following Village Payrolls: <br />Payroll of December 1 to December 15, 1947 <br />Payroll of December 15 to December 31, 1947 Election Paeoll-Village Election of December 2, 1947p 198,OO * <br />$3,715.44 * - 49040.39 <br />1,610~25 . Firemen's Payroll-December 1, 1946 to November 30, 1947 <br />was seconded by Child and carried. <br />.I <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA <br />PAYROLL <br />*.* . . FOR PERIOD DECEMBER L TO DECEMBER 35, 1947 <br />NAME - <br />Gretchen Schussler <br />Bernice Johnson <br />Helene Freeman <br />Louise Westerberg <br />Sub-t otal <br />TOTAL WITH. RETIRE. HOSP, NET <br />EARNINGS TAX DEDUCT DEDUCT PAY <br />CLAIM <br />NQ. <br />1528 <br />1529 <br />1530 <br />1531 1532