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2/9/48 3'92 &, Charles Halkuan asked for Council? s procedure in purchasing Tax Delinquent <br />kds at tax sales, also asking if it3.s true that the Council has been criticized <br />by Henrepin County for its efforts in securing such lands, 1' explained that the Council acts on the recommendation of the-Park Board t~th <br />regard to acquisition of park properties; that the Village receives a list of <br />tax delinquent lands before they are placed on sale, with the privilege of <br />applying for such lands as they wish to acqpire; and that the Village pays ,no <br />money for these properties, He stated that, in his opinion, it is better to acquire such lands free than ko purchase high priqed property, <br />criticism mentioned by &, Hallman, lfr, Hawthcrrne stated that trcqiticism by <br />the Hennepin County Iand Cormnissioner!s Office does not mean that we are trrong.~~~ <br />He cited the recent difficulties in the Iand Commisdoner!s Office, "when sever& <br />County employees had been accused of attempting to purchase tax delinquent lands <br />for their om private use, Xr. wa3n averred that Mr, Hatrthorne?~ statements . <br />were Woo broad" as there have been no convictions of County employees. <br />Chiidis motion for adjournment, was sec <br />Clerk Hawthcrne <br />?Xth regard to <br />"UTES OF THE l3PEXm N!3TIN@ OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD E!UESDq, <br />FEBRUARY a, 19@, 'AT 8200 P. If. AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />PETB THE PLANNING CO>BfISSI~ <br />Council members present were Child, Palen, Willson, Haivbhorne, and Cooper, with Palen <br />arriving late. \ <br />Planning Commission members present were Krafft, RauglAd, Well., Hiatt, Thorpe and Clark, <br />President Cooper advocated the adb&ion of the 1946 U&om Building Code by Pacific Coast <br />Building Officials Conference. <br />that this Code would be a, for adoption until such time as the State of Ehnesota <br />adopted a building code. IIr, Carl Lindstrom, Richfield Building Inspector, also advocated <br />adoption, suggesting that the "Code for -11 Cities1', published by the same people, might <br />serve just as well. <br />&* Arthur Howie, 1.Weapolis Yam Air Heating Inspector, advocated adoption of tkie Mpls. <br />Heating Code, explaining that it is most extensive"in its coverage, having been rewritten <br />three times to secure fire prevention standards and the utmost benefits to the public. <br />President Cooper advocated adoption of the Npls Plumbing Code and Npls Electrical Ordinance, together with competent men to administer and enforce them, stating he believes there is <br />urgent need for electrical inspection in the Village immediately, <br />said that Northf3rn States Power Co, r.rill make inspection, but there was a differerlce of <br />opinion as to this, some members stahg that Northern States Power makes only partial <br />inspect ion, <br />After disc6ssion, Hawthorne asked for a formal recommendation fromthe Planning Commission <br />with regard to adopting the 1946 Uniform Building Code and the'lrlpls Plumbing, Heating, and <br />Electrical-Coaes by reference. <br />It was brought out that the terms of Nessrs. Krafft and Raiigland expire Jan. 1, l9@, or <br />'Ithen their successors are duly' appointed and qualified," Notion by Hawthorne, that 1-iessrs, <br />E. 11. Krafft and Arnold Raugland be appointed as Pl-g Commission Ifembers for another <br />three-year term, vas seconded by1Jillson and unanimously carried. <br />Chairman Krafft of the Planning Comission'then called for a motion fromthe Commission-as <br />to recommendation to the Council, <br />1946 Unj§orm Building Code by Pacific Coast Building Officidls Conference be adopted for <br />general construction, and that Mpls heating, plumbing, electrical, and ventilating Codes <br />be adopted for mechanical construction. <br />During discussion on the, Thorpe asked for time to examine these various Codes <br />before voting, and Village Attorney Windhorst told the group that according to State Law <br />the Mpls Codes cannot be adopted by reference, although it is possible for Edka to adopt <br />the 1946 Uniform Building Code if they so wish, <br />- <br />Eir. bugland of the Planning Commission gave his opinion <br />-I <br />During discussion it was <br />I <br />Raugland moved that the Planning Commission recommend that <br />At this time I&, Raugland withdrew his ,motion, and it was agreed that the Planning Commission <br />would discuss the matter of building and mechanical ordinances atetheir, regular meeting of <br />Harch 2, bringing a report to the Council on Narch e. <br />Motion by tEllson, thanking Hessrs. Lindstrom and Hovde for their aid and recommendations, <br />was seconded by Child and unanimously carried. <br />Ilotion by Hawthorne for adjournment tms sec