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cooperaf;ioa:and aid in the drafting of this Ordinance, <br />aadunmimously carries, <br />Motion seconded by Villson, <br />Vith regard to Ziquor Commissionts recommendation, read this evenings that all <br />liquor advertisenents except those of the Kmicipal Liquor Store be barred from <br />$le VLllee, President -requested Village Attorney's yritten legal opinion by Inlay 24, <br />D WTUT3S OF SPECIAL l*iElilTIl?G. 05' EDINA VILWE <br />COUlKZL A@ BDINA_LIQUOR COFOL COXI-SZSSZQT, I ' ~O~AY, rirap 216, ~948, AI! 7:30 wr. <br />I Pui.suant to due call by Council Preside& Cooper, Neeting vas convened with the <br />$allowing menbers present: <br />Coopr; Xor the Xiquor Control Commissioq,- - Bauers, Ealha~, Kelly, Morris and <br />Coo2er. .'Vi&ge-Attorney 'tlindhorst, -ad Auditor by vere &so present. f <br />l?or the Council - Child, Pden, Ifillson, Eavthorne and <br />* Binutes of Liqmr Control Commission Meetings of &.y 21 ad 23 vere read. <br />I <br />kclitor 1.1~ presented proposed Bill of Sale, itemizbg stock and fixtures vhich <br />'Hay and Stenson Go. vdll sell to Village for $5,000. <br />Xr, €4zg reported Iby ad Stenson's tentstive offer of 5-year lease for building, <br />E& rental of $400.00, vith Village to pay taxes, and vith ostion to Village to <br />-purchase building and land (26'=;102t) for sum of $45,000, vith rentals to zgply <br />on prchase price, :less $ interest._ <br />Wlwn moved that Liquor Control Commission recommend to Council that steps bo <br />t&en td terminate arrmgements with Mr. Campbell for lease of proprty at 5004 <br />France Averrue, and that aa attemp$ be made to negotiate with I & Stenson for <br />. lease on basis of Hr. T.Tay~s report, <br />I <br />Heeting zd journed, <br />JfIlWS' OF FKEl RZGW HE3fCIKG OF TEE ZDIlTA <br />AT THE EDiNA VIliLAGE w, BIP 8:OO P.H. <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HGLD XONDS, JW 24, 19w <br />Members answering Bollcall vere Chiid, Palen, Vilison, Havthorae and Cooper, <br />Ha3;rthorne aoved that Hinutes of fhe Re-&a.r 14eeting of k& LO, ad Adjourned <br />Portion of ILay LO 1-leeting, held 2kb.y 17, be appoved as submitted. Hotion seconded <br />by Villson and carried, <br />Pursuant to Wotice of Bearing on Peti6ion to Build," published in Henne2in County <br />Review,. Eopkins , l-It.flnnesota, l.Sag l3th, affidmit of which puKLication vas read %y <br />Clerk, President called public liesing on ,E. If. Ge,cUer*s p ti>ion to 'ouild a <br />'aouble b&&ovr at corner of $6th Street and York Avenue, Hrs. Robert Sweet,. . <br />and I,Iessrs, G,I, Xmlen, A.J. Perreault, Eoirard. Dovmey, 0.3. Brost, md G.B. Pms- <br />irorth, objected; with Wr, 1.rhalen presenting neighbors' signed petition so obj.ecting, <br />Hm%home &oped tlzzt petition to build doulle dwelling be denied, Seconded by - I Pzlen and carried. <br />President Cooper announced publicly that Hearing on Reassessmat for cost of Curb, <br />Gvtter and Blzcktoppins on Ozk Drive, Concord ad St, Johnrs Avenues vould be . <br />.postponed .iintil Monday, June 14, 1948, at 8:OO P.W. <br />1uTsu3pt' to "Advertisenent for Bids for Velder and Tar Kei&le,tl published in 1 <br />Henne2in County Revielr, Ho$ins, Nay 13 ad 20, Affidavit of vhich vas read by Clerk, <br />the follovfing bids vere publicly opened and read: Geo*T* COS , l.fPl~. $653 00 -0- <br />Alteruz.t;e $707.00 -0- <br />'PAR ICEI?P'pIrE TELW