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-62 f <br />l*mS OF THE REGULAR HEZTING <br />HEIZD l*lO~DAY, JlR$3 3-4, 1948, AT <br />OF TFE EDINA liIGL4m COUNCIL, <br />THE EDINA VImkm HAIJ; <br />~ <br />Embers answering RokLcall were Child, Palen, IJillson, HawthornE! and Cooper+ <br />Eotion by PTillson hat approval of Itinutes of Neet- of ky 24 be held over until <br />the next regular meeting, was seconded by Child and carried. <br />Falen!s motion approving Payroll for June f to June 15, including Equor Store * <br />payroU, was seconded by TEllson and carried2 <br />. <br />Gretchen Schussler <br />Bernice Johnson <br />Helene Freeman <br />Louise Westerberg <br />Sub4 otal <br />Pete Dagren <br />&tt Eerfeld <br />John Tracy <br />Harry Jonas <br />Arthur Jensen <br />Ronald Pork <br />C, ll* Cardarelle <br />sub-t otal <br />SIXESET 1-IEN-HOURIS <br />Charles Johnson <br />Jacob Shmak <br />TTayne Tracy <br />Joseph Natole <br />Tho H. Kell <br />TIe Douglas Carlsan <br />Robert S, Stewart <br />Sub4 o-t a1 <br />EARNINGS TAX DEDUCT* DEDUCX. PAS NO, <br />$ 25562 * 29.80 10.22 40.02 216.60 2292' <br />2297 <br />2298 2299 2300 <br />2301 <br />2303 2304 <br />2302 <br />2305 2306 <br />2320 <br />2321 <br />liotion by Child, approving payment of the following Claims was seconded by TTillson <br />and carried: <br />EC~IF'.F.EXJTAZ Comm OS Taxation, PetroleumDiv. l2*28 2325 <br />mm J.R, Coan, Postmaster 555 -06 23% . <br />GmAGE ,Arthur K. Peterson 829.52 2326 <br />P.I.R. Jay 8. Craig Compmy 982 &8 2327 <br />Orfei & Nariani 23,291-55 2328 <br />Charles I?. Jones 78.40 2329 <br />John J. Balich 201,oo 2330 <br />IIATEEi J. R. Coan, Postmaster 20 .oo 2331