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I fYir. H, 1.L Kuhnley and one other proprty owner' asked tha'c matter of bhcktopping <br />Lexington Avenue between Concord Avenue and Lot 5, Block 2, Subdivision of <br />Qttel Park (tabled by Council June U) be reopened, Council explained that no one had appeared at the Fublic*Hearing of June a; that there is a question <br />as to whether the properties abuttirg the North side of Lexington Avenue Tvould <br />be benefited by blacktopping, inasmuch as these properties face Oak Drive; that <br />cost of assessment would be $1.70 per assessable foot providing both sides of <br />street were assessed, or $3.40 per assessable foot providing only propedies . <br />facing Lexington were assessed. Both gentlemen objected to paying full cost <br />of assessment, said they would pay their share, and asked that another public <br />hearing be held. +Attorney Windhorst informed Council tha'c %hey had power to <br />declare unequal distribution insofar as benefits are concerned; for instance, <br />that properties facing lkxington are benefited by 2/3 of cost, and Oak Drive <br />properties benefited *to extent 'of 1/2 cost -6f -blacktopping &xin&on Avenue, <br />Owners present requested that a new.hearing be 'held, t&th a.U owners of <br />abutting property -notified. Willson moved ,that .new Public' Hearing on peti6ion <br />for Blacktapping & bxtngton Avenue .be.#set .for .Ju& 12, 19@; at 8200 PJI, <br />Seconded by Ch5l.d and carried. <br />Mr. ~~tze~ presented letter of June 7th fzom PPs, B.L <br />call had.been received. at Tallage Offhe .complaining that apartmearb house at <br />5503 France Avenue is a Sire trap, Hahthornemoved- that St&e Fire Narshal, <br />Village Fire Chief: and one Village poliCsleman* be asked to make inspection of <br />premises. Seconded by Pden and Carrie <br />Er.- Boris' ,again&. mquested aid from Council in. securing sewer and <br />water service for his !Lots. ab .approriimtely, 53rhdnd. France, saying $hat he <br />coUd not finance such service privately; He -rvas..requsst~ed .to secure a petikion <br />for the *opel3ing of, Gmgas- Avenue .between 8, ,5ad S-breePI and the Church property, <br />in -order t ha% pr oceedhgs . could, be .initiated- for $onsLructiim of mbs , <br />Hawthorne moved fox- ad journmen-k. +Seconded, by Palen-and carried, <br />WiUson moved for re-coiivention of meet-, rfoz purpose of furiher action. <br />Seconded by Palen and unanimously.carFied, ,! L - . <br />ITiUson moved thak Village Council adGertise fok bids to be taken July 12, 191;et <br />at 8r00 PJI., for laboy. and mterials covering installation of plwnbing Sir;tures <br />in the Village-owned dvielw at. 53.54 3~aoks$d'e t Avenue; 1 and conqec-tion of such <br />dwelljag u~th cesspool and water oh' Village. %oolhouse propeqty, Palen and carried, -_ <br />.. <br />f' . ..*. I., <br />. .- " <br />"I <br />son, reporting that <br />, .I :- -. .. , * _. <br />.. . -. - ', , *: 1:. '. .* ((.. <br />: .*\ .I <br />.I <br />Seconded by <br />'Hawthorne rrroved for ad j ournment., Seconded by 1fiXl.s on and qanimously carried * <br />l: - .. - r., .* I <br />Killage Clerk <br />, ', '-. t s. *. *. ..- .. -. I .' a .. _n :,'-'* i , Ti. . ,.. . .I 3, - <br />MI"ES OF P4EZXlXG OF BokRD OF &SEN, *' <br />HE?B MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1948, kT 7:30 P.M. <br />Council convened as "Board of Review?-, at' 7:30 P&, June 28, -5.n accordance with <br />"Assessment Notice,tt-posted on all Official Bulletin Boards' June 16, 194.8, with <br />membejrs Child, lW.lson, Palen and Cooper answering Rollcall; Hawthorne, absent . <br />Trustee Willson informed Board of Review that Village assessor!^ Valuations Books <br />were not yet ready for presentation to the Bdard, because of extra work this year <br />due to extraordinary number of proprty divisions, <br />AT THE EDINA VIlLAq HALL. <br />*. <br />E <br />NO one TYaaS present for Hearing. . <br />Ifillson mwed $or pos$poneGent of Board of Eeview ~eeting "C to Nonday,' July 26. <br />Seconded by Child and carried. <br />1 <br />+- I- 4 <br />Child move& for adjournment. Seconded by TJillson <br />Clerk ' -