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. ".. Members present were Cooper, Willsoni'&len, Child and Eavithorne. ' <br />Pursuant to '92esoluti6n Setting Street Improv6dent Hearing," adopted June 21,. &a <br />published in Hennepin County Review, %@tins, P%bnesota: on June 24, pU'blic Heaz9ag <br />was held on proposed Blacktopping of the SouthXxtension of Golf Zerrace, between <br /> Road and Lakevzew Drive. Engineerts estfmate of cost in the total <br />amount of $639.42, OF $1.51 per assessable foot, was red. &Ir. X, C, Schneider, <br />owner of Lgts 1 ad 2,,Blo& 1, Golf %?errace Heights Addition, objected to ap <br />assessment for this iqrovement on the grouads that, his property is vacant and. <br />that he, therefore, gets no benefits from the blacktopping. It was brought to <br />Councills attention that Mr, Schneibr was one of the petitioners for the <br />vacation of Cherry &ne, thereby making necessary the improvement of this <br />extension of Golf !&mace. TJillson offered the following Resoltztion and move& <br />its adoption: - RESOLUTIOIT MIR IMEROvlKE%I! <br />BLACKTOPPIXGSOU!T,!H l$X2E!N.SION 03' GOZF !ERRACZ .. <br />, <br />WHEREllS , -pursua& to Resohiion adopted by the Village Counc22 June 21, 1948, <br />and published in Hennepin County Review, June 24, 1948, the Village Council has met <br />at the time and place specified therein aqd heard all persons kterested with <br />reference to proposed 'i@rovement of the. South Iktension of Golf ZeGaFe from <br />3kmnauda3.e Read to Lakeyiew &Zve by Blacktopping, now therefore, <br />BX IT liX!SOLMD by the Tillcige council of the Village of ltlina that the <br />improvement described in szid Resolution shall be undertaken, the entire <br />expense thereof to be paid in the first instance out of the Permanenf; Im- <br />provement Revalving bhnd. <br />the lowest TesponsAble bidder, and the Clerk is directed to prepare and publish <br />advertisement for bids thereon to be opened July 26, 1948, at 8:OO P.N., which <br />bids shall be based upon plans and specifications for Bittuniqous Surface Zrsatment , <br />nopi on file with the Clerk md which have heretofore been approved; <br />MotZon to adopt the %solution was seconded by Child, and on Rollcall there were <br />five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />aye; and Cooper, aye; ad the Besolntion was adopted. <br />BE IT FaB'PHER R&OLvED that said improvemerit be made by contract to be let to <br />Child, aye; Pden, aye; willson, aye; Hawthorne, <br />.- & e- <br />Presilient of the Fillage C <br />Viilage Clerk <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Street Improvement Heaxing Blacktopping," published in <br />Hennepin County Review, Hopkins, Elinnesota, June 24 and July 1, 19443, Public <br />Hearing was held on petttion of Carl M. Hasen and others dated &by 24, 1948, <br />for the Blacktopping of Lexington 2Lvenue.between Concord Benne swd Lot 5, <br />Block 2, Subdivision of Littel P&k, <br />from office: <br />Lexington Avenue West of Lot 8, Block 2, Subltivisian of Littel Fak; and. owner <br />of said Lot'8 later petitioned Comcil to be included in this contract, Lots 7 <br />and 6 Block2 are' not represented by signatures on petition now before Council; <br />and hot 5; Block 2 has petitioned for vacation of that portion of Lexington <br />which his property fronts. Mr. Gsorge MeUema, owner of Lot 5, Blpck 2, stated <br />that he is willing to stand his proportionate sharepf the assessment because he <br />must have access to his property, Mr, hes 2. Bicfiards, speaking for those <br />property owners facing Oak Drive; whose property abui;s Lexington Avenue on the <br />Noreh, sald these people are absolutely unwilling to pay any part of the assessment <br />because they do not use the street at all. Mr, 'ICuhnleg, owner of Lot 8, Block 2, <br />stated he'd be willing to pay his share but thought Oak Drive people should also <br />be assessed. Engineer's estimate of total $766.92; $1.70 per foot, if' both sides <br />of street are assessed; $3*40 if only South, side SS agsessed, was read, this <br />estimate being on a full,30-foot rodway, for 240 lineal feet of blacktopping, <br />Oouncil suggested 8 15 or 20-foot roadww instead of the usual 3O-f00t, because. <br />of fact tba% road will not be extensively travelled and there will be pTking on <br />only one side of street, <br />Council received the following information <br />Black3opping contract vras awarded fi 1947 for that mt of <br />'J!hen, too, if apportion of ZexSngton Avenue should be <br />Y <br />,