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8/9/48 <br />2.2I€lU!ES OF 'PHE BEGULBR. IGETIITG OF !l?a EDIXA <br />VIUAm COrnTCXL, HOl?DAY, AUGUST 9, 1948, . . 8:oo P.E.I., m 'PHE EDINS VILI~AGE auz -. <br />*I . . -I Nembers present vere Child, Palen, ifillson, and- Cooper; Clerk avthorne being absent, <br />Pden's motion €or ayproval of' the l.!inutes of th& Be@& Meeting of JuLy 26, 1948, as <br />submitted and without p\iblic read5nG was seconded by Villson and carried,. <br />Vith regard to the Councilfs-rejection of flr. R, E, Iverson's qplication for permit <br />to build at 5500 ICe11og~-Z4rD Csroll*+representhg Nr. Saq Harris, 5504 Kellogg, <br />wintaj.ned that Nr. Iversonts house plan violates Sections 111 (a) 18 and VI11 (e) <br />of the Village Zoning Ordinanc&. Village Attorney Vindhorst's op+ion, to. effect -that an attached garage is an "accessory 'bu91dingii and th&,therefore, Nr, Iverson's plan is <br />b confmmmce vith Zoning Ordinznca, vas red. <br />Special Meeting of Council and Planning Commission to be held !hesday, &gust 17, at <br />8=00 wr* &lotion seconaed br Villson and cmriea; <br />Council conducted public hearing on Bhcktopping of &dison Avenue between Belaore Lme <br />md 1-laloney Avenue. Bffidavit of Publication of I'Botice of Street Imgrovement HqarWg,II <br />*blished in Suburban Press, Hopkins, Hinnesota, July 15 and 22, vas read, and placed <br />on file, 3ngineer1s esthte of cost,* in tot& Tout of $2,032.80 or $1.70 per assess- <br />able foot, vas read. I-Iessrs, B.V. Outman, 422 Madison; Bert 1.1. JJerfelfi, 410 Nailison; <br />ad Keith lchelan, 42& fVkd.ison, were present at this hearing. I-Ir. Vhelan inquired as to <br />whether blacktopping wWxld aid the drahage at his corner, uld vas informed that this <br />bprovement would lessen the washing of siZt into his lot, but that until t'ne lot was <br />filled he vould still have drainage prbblems. $here vere no objeclions filed, either - <br />oral or mitten. I'lillson offered the folloving Resolution ad noved its adoption: <br />Tm, petition in rrriting requbstifig iqrovement of 14adison Avenue between <br />Belmore Lme and Maloney Avenue'by Blakkfiopping, has been duly filed with %hi.+ Council <br />&tea J@y 9, 1948, signed by omers of more than 51s in frontage of the real property <br />abutting on the street nmed in said phtition as the +location for such improvement, ad <br />'Lm, the Village Council has &et at the time and place qecified 5n a notice <br />to all property omers t@ose property is liable to be assessed for such 5qroverizenP; <br />published in the Suburban Press, HopE$s, Winnesota, on July 15 uld 22, 13&, and has., <br />heard all persons interested, and detepined the necessi-by for the im,rovement <br />petitioned for, novr therefore ). <br />Chqter 65, Lws of 1919, as amended, $hat the petition above described is hereby <br />determined to have been signed by the xeqdred percentage of omers of property <br />affected thereby, and - <br />s <br />- <br />Child moved that matter be tableg =til <br />I *t <br />RESOLUTION 30R II.fpBOVB*IEl~ <br />BUCWOPPIXG QI? UDISOPI AmXB <br />* <br />B3 IT RESOLVED Bp the Village CoGcil of the Village of Edina, as re6irid by <br />.L ? <br />* BE 12 IJUREDB BESOLVEQ, that Nadison Avenue betmen Belmore Zane and Ikloney <br />Avenue be improved by Blacktopping ana, . <br />Clerk identified as SpeciPications for Bituminous Surface Treatnent, prepared 5s Phil <br />IT, Saith, Village Jhgineer, are hereby approved and adopted as the ~lans and speci- <br />* <br />BE IT TUR!EEB RESO&va> that plWF-*arrd Bpecifications now on file with the Village. <br />fications for said iarprovemmt, 1 <br />r <br />BE IT IlElSOLvED that the CIlerk LS directed to prepare and insert in the <br />ozficial gazer and in the Construction Bulletin an aclvertisement for bids to be opened. <br />August 23, lgM, for furaishing labor-& materials 3.n accoybe vith such approved <br />p~ans.alld specifications. -!he deposit accompanying each bid shall be ten percent of <br />the amount of the bid. <br />&tion for adoptikon of Resolution vas seconded by Child, and on Rollca31 there were <br />four ayes ad no nws, as follows: <br />aye; and the Besolution Vas adopted. <br />I <br />Child, aye; I'lillson, 1 aye; Palen, aye; and Cooper, -$.z- &+>&-- ... <br />President of the Village C&dl I <br />Village Clerk ~ <br />- <br />Hotion 5y Palen, asproving Deputy Clerk Gretchen Schussler's signature for checks to <br />be signed at this neet-, in Clerk's absence, vras seconded 3s Child and carried,