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.. <br />... <br />Before neeting forndly convened;-Ifr. $02 R. Snyder, 4909 P. %.~~~~Slqpe Road, <br />presentea a request to Council Iie3bers *Cooper, llillson ad Child, for raoyaJ.. of <br />ranparts of old dm-across cFeek. He'tras infohed th& *this rn&ter be t&led <br />pending s.regort by*Vi&ge agiaee?; 'the the='ViUage is reluctant to sgeila .Iju'iolic <br />noner on the nillFonci beczus8 it benefits a srn3.l percentge of taspq7ers; and was <br />requested-to brbg ln petiti6n mthorizing Vilfge to m&e assesaent for cost of <br />re~ovd. <br />On rollcdl the followins neabers ws:;ered: <br />Cooper. - <br />Petition to kild tito 16-apg%ent buildiEss 06 the nor%hern portion oB Lot 37, <br />@t*or*s 'Su706ivision ITo. 172 (betveeri Il.49th &d 1.hket' Streets, just E~st of- <br />illqfe Ro& properti6s) vas iEscussed .& Public Hearing. * Frelininmy plan o€ <br />proposed 'Lnzildings &d their cite vas 'presented by Ur. Croseph 11. Craig, p6tifioiier <br />Ere Am016 Rm&n& 2eB a del'egation df &qle E0.d resiGents, eqla,inSn,e t&t these <br />property oimers zre trillins -YO prciias'e 50 feet' of lIr, Craig's property in order <br />to yovi6-e' extra, spke bett&eg tiieir %<mes ad 'the aps.t;'nent %-ailding; ad tkt <br />because of -the possi%ility of the progertyls soke by b&nS rezoned to -Cormunity <br />Store fistrict, they trilln&e no objection to the apartneat house.pmvidins they <br />can purc&se the 50 Teet, m2providAng ap&me%.ts me C'O1Zstructed as ifidicated by' <br />prexieaej phn. KP. Jmes 3. ?ause,' 4835 I~Ia$.c Eoad, 'stated that in Us opinion <br />Ifat$e Roza owners vi11 aove just *a soon a's they c& secure vAue for GZieir <br />properties; becsuse the zgstiheat is uizdesirdXLk to this- nei@orhood, even though <br />it is bett'er t;lar cobercigl buildings; <br />- <br />Ciiilrl, Pden, IlilLson, Ezvthorne a6 <br />rfr. Percx IkGo~zn requested pmission to construct scde mc2 rash r2&, south of <br />76th Street, nea 3rance Avenue, Hr. I'lillson reconmended that 1-k, IIcGoizzn be <br />required to refrain fron exczvating gravel at least 1/2 %lo& fro;? 76th Skeet. <br />Hawbhorue moved for the grating of temporsypernit for construction of scde ad <br />yash rzctl, revowole at cdl of Council, ma referrzl of this matter to the PlpJuning <br />Comission for their recomendatioo, IJotion seconded by Villeon ad cc.rx5.ed.