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-- <br />Pursuant to. due call and notice by President, Council met with Iiiquor Control Commission <br />for purpose*of hirins Liquor Store 14mager. <br />Council menbers answering Rollcal.3 were Child, Palen, TtTillson, Hawthorne 6nd CooFer, <br />I;iquor Control Commission members 'present were lelorris; Kelly, Hallman &nd Bauers <br />Six applicants for position of Iciquor Store Nanager were interviewed, <br />Equor Control Commission Chairman BIorris reported' the una;nimous recommendation of the <br />Commission, that Er. Harry Bust be hired *as Liquor Store Hanager at a salary of $6,000 <br />per year, viththe privilege of hiring his om eqloyees and flrll responsibility for <br />management. <br />Hawthorne moved thak recommendation of Lqiour Control Commission be accepted%, and that <br />I&. &wry ?oust be offered the position. of Liquor Store Nanager, lrith stipdawon that <br />he be requested to sign 12-months contract subject to cancellation on 30 daysf notice by <br />Councilo 1aiotiSn seconded by Hillson and una~ous~ carried. * <br />.+ . I) . <br />A t <br />I - <br />F <br />Council asked for recammendakion by Codssion for second choice for Kanager, in case N??. <br />Doust should not accept appoin-tment. Upon informdl poll, three members of the Commission <br />nominated &* F, F1 Kippley, with fourkh member not votingrr <br />Palen moved for paGent of the following elm: <br />Federal Enterprises, kc, (For changing letters on canopy=store) 4193.15 <br />Hotion seconded by T.Tillson and carried. . <br />Hawbhornefs motion to adjourn was seconded <br />I -. I <br />r <br />.%no T. Ianders (Payroll for first ll days in September) $81.& Ll.45 U6 <br />w <br />4. <br />+ <br />2-IIWI'BS OF SPECIAL 3EZTING OF EDBJA 'KCELAGE <br />CO11113CIL, HEZD =DAY, SEP!EI*EEE 23, 19&8, AT I t &GO €'AI0 AT .THE XDINA VIIUGE HALL <br />. Pursnant to due call-and notice by Preside&, Council met with Liquor Conf&ol Conmission <br />at 8:OO P.14. C <br />Council members answering Rol&KLl. weye Child, Palen, KLlson, Hathhorne and Cooper. <br />Liquor Control Colmnission menibers present were Hornis, Ke- and Halhari. <br />14r. Harry Qoustrs declination of appointment as Ijquor Stqre Hanager vas reported. T <br />Council and Commission interviewed &be Leo O*DonneU. for position of I;iquor Store <br />hageri and rekewed applications of those persons kterviewed on Segtknber 17. .. **- <br />Chaiman Harris of %he Liquor Control Commis~ion recommended,' for the Commission, %ha% <br />1-lr. F. F.,Kippley be engaged as Pquor Store Lh$tger.' <br />Hawthorne moved that Council accept recomenda$2on of Commission and appoinP, U.~O <br />KippXey at a salary of $350.00 per mon.h. lwiotion seconded by T.lillson and on Rollcall' <br />, vote was as follows: Child, aye; Palen, nay; IKLlson, aye; Har.rC;home, aye; and Coopr, <br />nay; and motion vas carried. I <br />Hawtiome moved thgt Clerk be 'directed to instruct Xr. Kippley to repo>t for duty as <br />Uquor Store Uanager Friday, September 2l+; anh that Council terminate the managmat <br />of the store by 1~c~~~-~~e~ster-Ror.rland-~~~ Company as of 1O:OO PJL, Sa-eurday, <br />September 25, directing said fmto present statement for their services for management of store on r?Iondzy evenhg, SepP;em+&r 27* Hotion seconded by Palen and unanimouSly <br />carried, <br />Hawthorne moved that Liquor Store Zhager be instructed that he has full authority to <br />hire Liquollr Store employees; that employees .r.rill be on a tqorary bwis for thirty bys; <br />that, - at the fbst Council meeting after an employee's probationmy psriod the lhnager <br />shall make reeomendation to the Council as to pement emplopent; that if recommend- <br />ation is for pertmnent employment, employee shall be interviewed by Council; and that <br />once recommendation for permanent employment is accepted & Council, mployee my be <br />discharged only by the Council on the majority vote of the full Council. <br />c I <br />Hotion *