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9/23/4$ 147 <br />seconded by Palen and unanimously carried - 4 <br />t <br />Chairman Morriss of the Liquor Commission reported that offer has been received, in <br />amount of 365.00, for old adding - machine type McClaskey cash register, and recommended <br />selling it. Child moved that sale be made, Motion seconded by Palen and carried. <br />t <br />Palen's motion for adjournment wds seconded by 1fillson and unanimously carried. <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />SEPTEMBER -27, 1948.,. AT 8:99 P.M. AT <br />` .i THE - EDINA VI LIAGE HALL . <br />Members present were Child, Palen, Willson, Hawthorne and Cooper. <br />l - <br />Motion by Willson, approving Minutes of Special Meeting of August 30, Regular <br />Meeting of September 13, and Special Meetings of September 17 and 23, 1948, as <br />submitted, was seconded by Palen and carried. <br />President called Public Hearing on proposed assessment for Street Improvement <br />No, 2 - Grading of Parnell Avenue between W. 62nd and W. 63rd Streets* Affidavit <br />of Publication of "Notice of Hearing," as published in Hennepin County Review, <br />Hopkins, Minnesota, on September 16, 194$, was read by Clerk. Tabulation of <br />assessment in total amount of 0605,40, or x.50 per Assessable Foot, was reviewed <br />for audience. Mr. W. F. McMahon, 6217 Parnell Avenue, iras present at hearing. <br />No objections to assessment.-were. offered, either oral or written. Hawthorne <br />offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ADOPTING ASSESSMENT <br />STREET " IffR0VEMf0T NO. Z <br />GOADING OF Ply_ tiEI,L AVENUE BETiZEN <br />W.62ND AND W.63Rn STREET , <br />11RIEREAS, proposed assessment.for.the cost of the improvement of Parnell <br />Avenue between Wo 62nd and W.'63rd. Streets by putting same to permanent grade <br />has been duly filed with the Village Clerk and open to public inspection and <br />notice has been'published in the Hennepin County Review, Hopkins, I- nnesota, <br />on September 16, 1948, that this Council will pass upon said proposed assessment <br />at this present meeting; and this council has met at the'time and place speci- <br />fied in said notice, and heard and passed upon all objections thereto, noVt <br />therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by�the Village Council of the Village of Edina that said <br />proposed - assessment which is hereby.referred to and made a part hereof, is <br />hereby adopted, and an assessment is hereby levied against each of the lots, <br />parts.of lots, pieces and parcels of land described therein in the sums <br />therein respectively set forth, and 'each of said' tracts of land is hereby <br />found to be benefited in the amount of the assessment levied against it <br />herein: <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that each assessment shall be payable in equal <br />annual installments extending over a period of,three years,•the first to be <br />payable.on the first day of June, 1949; all deferred payments are to bear <br />interest at the rate of five (5) percent per annum. Said assessments and <br />interest shall be a lien upon the property therein specified concurrent with <br />general taxes as authorized by Chapter 65, Laws of Minnesota, 1919. <br />Motion for adoption of Resolution was seconded'by Willson. On Rol.lcall there were <br />five ayes and no mays, as follows: Child, aye; Palen, aye- Ifillson,_aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye; and Cooper, aye; and the Resolution was adopted. <br />ATTEST: <br />L President of the Village Coullcil <br />Village Clerk <br />