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lO/ll/'.Cs <br />Upon'being adviseLby of2ice W C&nty--Anditor reqdres assessment rolls in his office <br />not later than October X5, Hawthorne move& thab Clark be directed to prepare assessme& <br />rolls and to fomazd eane to Count? Auditorrs Office with eqlanation that they cannot <br />be certified until after proper public hear@- &e held, - Seconded by Willson ana - - <br />i carries, "a .- <br />Considerable 'discussion was had on traffic situation at f"l,jOth Street, with &wtho&te <br />smggesting that cross walks be markod by sign on curb saying "Pedestrian CroS&~g,* <br />Palea sqggetsted that cab stad either be moved ?lost or that ft 50 shortened by length <br />of om cab. P-olice were recpested to mako study of traffic sibtion and'cab stand <br />matter an$ bring their recornendations to Council, <br />Hawthorne moved for adoption of Bu&et for-the Year 19@, as compiled at Special Heeting <br />of October 11, 1948, in the folloving amounts: %otd Sxpenditures for Year, $197,177.30, <br />less astimted Beceipts for Year, $80,890.00, Ne! Exponditares $156,287,50, of which <br />$10;450.00 are Park Board Jkpenditpres - Net General - Operations, $143,83?A50. Mot;ian seconded .. Palen and carried, I <br />Hawthorne ifzered the following Besolution and moved its adoption: <br />BE IT RESOLW that the !P!a;gLevy;for- $he Village of Eaina4for the year 19@ bc <br />estab5ished at the*followZng: - General Fund Levy *- $145,837.503 Park Board -Levy, $10,4.50,00; <br />Firemen's Relief Association Levy - $52?.57 7 Qotal, !@ax Levy $136,8E0,07, Sd <br />3E-19 FTBTHXB RESOLVED that the, Villm Clerk be directed to certiify such tak ievy <br />io the ~quntiy ApBtor, I <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution tras seconded by l'hllson, and on Bollcdl there <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />1 I .- <br />L RESOLUTIOII I-WING !@AX LZVY <br />.. <br />Child, aye; Palen, age; llillson, age; <br />Hawthorne, aye; and Cooper, aye; and the .- Besolution w& adogt;ed, .* <br />cLpi;;oL <br />-+ , + - <br />Motion 3y awthorne, tb~ Village Engineer 3s directed to cbmplete plans ana speciqications <br />for repair. of Storm Sewer 6n 11, 50th Street east of I'looddale Avenue, and that Clerk be <br />dZreeted to advertise for bids for this w03!k, was seconded -)I by Child anduumimusly <br />carried, - - <br />Discussion vas lad as to Court procedures, No action t&on, <br />t <br />3 <br />r <br />- <br />r I .. VillLge Clork '