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1 <br />R3SOLuI1ION SET!l?IXG ASSESSNEEi! HEiAEING-S!EUGEl? IEPROTE%ENI! <br />If04 Zl-GRADING OF GROW, S!EREEg,- FBOM BUCY A- 20 766.2 -- .3EET' IES'P. 2HEBBOF <br />I'm purkat to Resolution +opte_d'bg 'the Goukil August 25, 1947, 8 <br />.contract has been let for the improvement of Grove Street from Tracy Avenue to <br />766.2 feet %st thereof by putting same to Permanen$ Grade; andsthe Clerk with <br />the assistaqce of the engineer has calculated the proger amount to be-specially <br />assessed for such fqrovement against every'lot, piece, or parcel of"1,md abutt- <br />ing such improvement as provided'by law, which proposed assessment fs now on <br />file with the Clerk and open to public inspection, now therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the ldina Village Council tbat the said work of improving <br />sefd street is hereby accepted znd designated as Street Improvement No, 21; that <br />the Clerk is directed to cause notice to 6e published in-Hennepin County Review, <br />Hopkins, Minn. on October 28, 1948, that this Council wil& meet *on November 22, 1948 at the Village Ha51 to pass upon said proposed assessment; thkt the total . <br />cost of said improvement is determined to be $373.06., <br />Motion for a;doption of the Resolution was seconded by Child; and on Rollcall there <br />were five ayes and no nays, 3s follgvst <br />Rawthorne, aye; and Cooper, aye; and the Resolution wai adopted, <br />Child, age; Palen, aye; l?illson, aye; <br />.- <br />-1 President of the Village Cpfhcil <br />ffater-Department Sipt, Floehler reported that heat woulil bee needed in the <br />Halifax Avenue Pump House. Child moved, approving purchase of circulating oil <br />burner. -Motion seconded by Hawthorne and carried, <br />Police Czpta5n Krtutsonis notice that report iould be Gde-on ksiness District <br />traffic s2tuatipn at meeting of Xovember 8, was read. <br />-. ~ <br />f. <br />.. <br />4 <br />Zhere being no further,business to come before the Co&cil, meeting. was adjourned, <br />by Notion WiX.lson, seconded by Palen and car <br />.. <br />. -@. Pursuant td' due call 'a% noti6e;"Meeting w% convene& at 7:OO P.M,, with dL <br />Council Members except Trustee -- Palen answerbg -. Rollcdl, and Palen coning. late. <br />Purpose of Ileeting iris to receiqe recomenaations of -Volunteer Fire Department, <br />hibers of 'the Fire Department $resent tverd Fire Chief Chris Ijitzel, and <br />Messrs. Ha&y Hanseni r Ernmt Hadsen and R, <br />Nr. Mitzel :presented'three recohendations 'for'grass"fire control, which he <br />asked be iqcorporated into Ordiliance No. 7,' by amenhient. <br />recommendations be rGferred to village Atgo5ney for Checking as to legal questions <br />involved, Fd for drhting as ahendment t6 pire Ordinance. <br />SomenBerg, <br />+ <br />Hawthorne moved that <br />Motion seconded by <br />Child and garried. , .I* <br />In connectj.on with a$ove recommendations, Mr, Nitzel presented report of fire <br />as against- 37 fires pf other t~es, <br />November lit letter from 11. C. Freitag, Engineer for' Ffre Underwriters Inspection <br />Bureau, adpising of $heir inabiiity to meet with Couhcil this evening, was read+ <br />Hawthorne moved that sire Underwriters repkesentativ'os be invited to attend <br />meeting on* November 22, 194%. Motion seconded by-Palen and carried. <br />Mr. Harry Hansen reiuested 'reim'ursement to Fire Department delegates to various <br />schools ah conventikns which are held-each xes, asking that men be reimbursed <br />for time lost fron their regula? positions, mileage ,+ and miscellaneous exrpenses. <br />Department was requested to draft schedule of hourly pay ad expenses, and present <br />it to CoUrici.1 at ned regular meeting for their consvideration. <br />F calls ansqred to date this ye&, showing a total of'96 grass and rubbish fires, <br />Report filed with Clerk.