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1IIITKCES OF 53 REGULAR. I.IEEIZ!IETG OF EB EDINA . VILItkGE COUNCZL, HELD NOIWS, NOV%IXEFL 22, 1948, <br />Al"7:OO P.EL A!C TfXE-EDIXA VTLZAG3 .. -. .. Pursuant to due cdl and notice br President, Heeting vas convened at 7:OO P.1-I. , with <br />the folloaing me5bers msvreriqgXollczl1: <br />Fire ChTef Chris Witzel and Hessrs, B. C; Somenberg ,ha Harry Hanken of the Fire <br />Department presented a recornended expense dlovmnce Scho$ule of: <br />Child, Palen, I'lillson, Havthorne and Cooper, <br />I Beim%Gsement €or loss of time from'regulzr sork - Per 8 Hr. Day <br />Ueals, each I 1.00 Ibzileage, Per car pkr 1.lile <br />Hotel Exgense (Lodging only) 5.00 <br />$12;00 <br />05 <br />for the f'ollo~ring instructive meetings held each year: <br />?ate-Fire Sch?ol at 'St. Paul or Pinneaptkis - 3 bas - Chief,/Asst. 6 2 Firenen <br />Ninn.Stjate Fire Dept. Assn. at any Mim. totm- 3 dzg - Chief or Asst. & 2 Firemen <br />Governors Conference st St,-Pzul <br />Chiel's Assn, Zieeting at St. Paul or Minneapolis - 1 day:- Chief or Asst. <br />*. e of Neetin or <br />- 2 bjs - Chief or &st. <br />I <br />Havthorne moved that Council accept recopnendations of VolGteer Fire Depatnent <br />for attendance & Cizief or Assistmt and firemen at various schools and conventions <br />as itemized in their report dated Novem'ber 12, lgm, and that authorized represen- <br />tstives be dlowed eqenses as set forth above, Notion seconded I@ Pdeu 2nd carried, <br />with T;lillson not voting, <br />At this time Police Captain Knutson met with Council. <br />;proper sig.ns--l%o ParMng-24 IEo~rs~~ on South side of 1-iarket Street; tlEo Parkiqg-24 <br />Horns-Streetcar Stop" on Vest side of Frmce Avenue; IIPolice Car Onlyll; and %o <br /> Zone-8 A.W. to 6 P.14.11 signs, in accordace with anendmen% to Traffic <br />OrcEnazce ado-oted June 22, 1948, <br />CaptaAn &utson8 s recomnendation of Xovember 5, for continue& operation of "Cab Standll <br />at its present location, vas read ad filed. <br />.- <br />He vas instructed to-have <br />Captain Ihutsonts report of akrangements made vith lir. Shore, Actuey for Math <br />Yeshurun Cenetery Association, for direc$ion of traffic by police during funerals <br />(rather thm in+ll&ion of sto9 signs) vas read and filed, <br />Castain Butson*s"report of November 4, recommending - 1. Replacing "30 l&e Speed" <br />si9 facing liest on 50th Street with a l!Business District-Slodl sip. <br />of crossvrdk. 3. <br />crosswalk. - vas read ad discussed. Captain Xnutson vas asked about advisability <br />of moving crosswdk fwther east, in line withw recommendations made by businessmen. <br />at meeting of Xovember 15. <br />that Village request Stzte Hizhvw Department to make trdfic count of sut6mobiles <br />znd pedestrizn trdffic in the 50th ad &ace business dfatrict, &ad to n&e <br />recommend& ions zs to the best mews of controllipg automobile trafIic and' protecting <br />pedestrians, l*iotion seconded by Paen Ad unanimously carried. <br />I <br />2, Restriping <br />Installation of 'IAyto-Stop sigy at either side of street for' <br />He confirmed these recommendations . Hawthorne moved <br />llhe anplications of Nelvin Eager and Irvin Cummings, for positions in the klina <br />Poli& Departmen+ were presented, <br />until such time as Copcil may be filling positions in the Depzrtient vas seconded <br />by Pden and carried, <br />&v.rthornel s motion thzt applications be filed <br />Public Szfety Conrnittee Chair- Hatrthope requested that business district 'be <br />carefully watched, with officers to take specid notice of cars pqked in crossvrdks, <br />and of double parking. <br />or side of stores in such cases as there is Toon? so to unload. <br />Police were requested to ask load from rear entrance <br />Discussion vas h.& by Captain hutson ad Council regarding cer?ain claims for <br />papnent - by Suburban Chmrolet Com2any. <br />re2resentative Everett'to be present at the next re,dar meeting for further discussion <br />on this matter, <br />Zlr. IT. C, Freitag, Engineer Tor Fire Underwriters Inspection Bureau: tTas presont for <br />general dis.cussion of meVnoas for main-ing, and possibility of lowering, present <br />fire insuranp rztes vrithout renewing 14inneaplis fire service contr.zct+ <br />zdvocated further study by the Bureau Before establishment of definite reo-uireents; <br />stating thzt the recornendations cited, in Mr. Ryan's letter of October 18 are <br />comprehensive and that the Bureau realizes' the Village should be given opportunity <br />to meet them. <br />I Council directed 1.f-s. Knutson to ask <br />I&. Freitag