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MINUTES OF Tm REGULAR hIEETING OF THE <br />.. EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, ID MONDAY, . - DECElBER 13, 1948, A!L' 8:OO P.M. AT TEE - EDINA VILLAGE 'UL <br />*1 <br />Nembers present were Child, P,ien, Villson, Hzirthome avld Cooper, <br />IJillsonis motion, agproving Ninutes of Regular Meeting of November 8, Specid <br />Je.leetfng of Novenber 1.5, and Regular Meeting of IJovember 22, 1948, as su'omitted, <br />trzs seconded by PaLen and ca,rried, <br />hblic Bearing. on Petition to Vacate Zezington Avenue *oetween 7looddqI.e ad St, <br />Johns Avenues vas called, with Clerk regdidg affidavit of publication for Notice <br />of Eearing, as pbSished in Suburban'Press 0l.i Deceaber 2, 1948, Nessrs. Jm6s <br />Thorne, Jr,, 4503 Odz Drive, Bubert J. Bartlett, 4505 OdcBrive, and Laurence A, <br />Schovr, 4.509 Oak Drive, whose propertties back to Lexington Avenue, recuestd <br />vacation 02 the street, claiming that they derive no benefit from it md that it <br />is not necessary for access to properties, Nr, August De&, Chzirmm of Board of <br />Colonial Church--which ovms several inlmd lots facing Lexington Avp,uo--cite$ the Ghurchts need for Ijexington ss access to these lots which they expect to use <br />as perking lot for the church, and opposed vacation. fylr. Eloi Bauers, omer of <br />lot at corner of StJohns and Lexington Avenues, reviewed his ~lms for gi'ivate <br />&ivemy, stating he would derive no benefit from the opening'of Ledzington. <br />Motion by Tfillson, for denial of the petition for vacation of Ledngton Avenue <br />between Vooddale and St. Jobs Avenues, was seconded by Bawtiiorne md carried, <br />bing discussion on the above, O& Drive residents md Nr. flauers protested <br />possible assessments for the blacktopping of Lexington Avenae, asovmers of abutting <br />progerty. 1.k. Willson cited precedent set 'oy kssessment for blacktopping of <br />Lesington Avenue betveen Concord an'd the pond, herein only those proserty omem <br />who fzce Lexington were Benefited. <br />that it is the sense of this Council that assessments for Zuture fmprovements- of <br />Lexington Avenue be levied- zgainst benefited sronerties- only,' vas seconded 'by <br />Tlillson and unmim-ously cwried. <br />&blic Hearing was c'alled on Proposed &9sessment Tor Street Improvemeht No, 21- <br />Grad-ing of Brove Street from !i?racy Xvenue' to 766-2 Feet Vest thereof, Clerk read <br />Mffdavit of Wolicati'on of "Resolution Setting Assessment Hearing," as published <br />in Suburban Press on Ifovember 25, 1948. <br />$373.06, bras reviewed. <br />offered the follovring'Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />I <br />t <br />- <br />Hatrthorm's notion, that. the 1.Tinutes reEd - <br />1- t t c <br />Assebsment Roll, in the total mount of <br />No objections vere filed to proposed assessment. Willsort <br />~SOLECIOIT ADOPTING ASSBSSl*m <br />GRADING 03' GROPE: S'JREET FROH TUCY AvlZNU3 <br />WiER33AS proposed' assesbiient for the cost of the improvement of Grove Street <br />, TO 766.2 PEET FEST-S-T IPPXOVIBX~! Nos21 <br />from Tracy Avenue to 766,Z l?eet Vest thereof by Grading, hzs been &il.y 9i3ed with <br />the Village Clerk and open to public inspection, and notice has been published in <br />Suburban Press, Hopkins, Minnesota, on November 2.5, l9M, that tinis Council will <br />pass upon said proposed assessment at this present meetihg, and this Council has <br />met at the time ad place specified in said noticb, and'has heard and passed upon <br />dl objections thereto, novr therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Cowrcil of the Village of Edina that said pro- <br />posed assessment, vhich is hereby referred to ad made a part hereof, is hereby <br />adogked, and an assessment is hereby levied against each of the lots, parts of lots, <br />pieces and parcels of lad described therein in the sums therein respective17 set <br />forth, and each of said tracts of lmd is hereby found to be-benefited in the <br />amount of the assessment levied agzinst it herein, <br />inst&lments extending over a period of three years, the first to be payable on the <br />first day of Jartusy, 1949; dl deferred-payments are to bear interest at the rate <br />of five (5s) percent per mum. Said assessments and interest shall be a'lien upon <br />the pro9erty therein specrfied concurrent with the general taxes as authorized by <br />Chapter 382, $Tim, L~WS of 1903, <br />Plotion for'adoptlon bf- the. assessment vas seconded by Child, and on Rollcall there <br />1;Tere five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />%wthorne, aye; and Cooper, aye; and the ResoXution bras adopted, <br />JYETEST: <br />Pillage Clerk <br />33Z IT -??URT€IER RESOLVED that each assessment shall be'psyable in equal WUal <br />Child, aye; Pden, aye; Ifillson, aye; , 1 <br />1 -.