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$58 2/28/49 <br />with Xr. Eldon Horris, Chairman of the Liquor Control Commission, <br />Manzger of the store, Mter,some discupion, the following <br />by the Coijncil: <br />that th; CouncPl establish policy of hafing phssiaal inventory <br />- - .. - - <br />Council ne* met <br />&d Mr, Krppley, <br />%tion was taken <br />Child moved <br />taken in the Ihnicipl Liquor Store every 90 days. Motion secondea 'by <br />Palen moved that Hr. Child be directed to investigate possibilities of <br />smaller cash register to provide defmte record of sales of Beer and. <br />p.lix. Notion seconded"by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Hawthornsts motfon, referring matter of tvo bad checks to VilZagh Attorney <br />9th directions to make collection from Veteran's Administration, and if <br />necessary, to start cfvfl action for recovery, yaS seconded by Pden .and <br />carried. <br />Hatrthorne moved that it be established as ioJ,icy %ha% the kesponsibility <br />for aceeptingpersond checks at the Zipor Store be the sole responsibility <br />of the lhager of the Store, and that-it be policy that persou checks on <br />out-of-town banks be not accepted from persons known to the l-l.~an&er to be <br />0. - <br />* Pden ad carried, - <br />I <br />- ;; responsible. Motion seconded by Child and car +- ea- -;e ,. <br />Hr. George Willson reported a telephoned request for the fire department to pranp <br />out floodedbasements, and asked Council. to formulate policy for future requests <br />of this type, After considerable discussion, Ifillson noved Ghat Fire Depaxtment <br />38 instructed to answer no future-calls for the pumping of basements, -Hotion <br />seconded by Child and cm2ed, <br />-3kvthorne's motion, directing Village Hkalth Officer Campbell to make inspection <br />of all food disppnsaries within the ne9 month, was seconded 'by Child and carried. <br />Hawthorne reported safety hazards at 'IGravg's Griddle and the oil station located <br />at 9th and France, Willson's motion, that-matter be referred to Public Safety <br />Conmittee wi$h authorization-to act, vas seconded 3y Palen and carried. <br />Havthorne*S motibn, that Gshge Collection ad Sewer' Rental bills be billed on <br />&ril I, 1949 for a three-raonths' period, kd again on July 1, 19@, . for a six- <br />months' period; ana that VUIage-Attorney be directed to make the amendments <br />necessary to the respective ordjnances to allow for billing in the manner <br />recommended by the State Public Eaiuiner, vas seconded by Child and carries. <br />C .. <br />r <br />.. -- - <br />Villson's motion for adjohent -was seconded by Child and-carried, <br />.. <br />pTll&tge Clerk <br />Nembers present were Child, Willson, Palen, Hawthorne, and Cooper. 0 <br />Xinutes of Regular Mee%ing of Pebrmary 28, 1949, were approved as sulmitted, by <br />llotfon Willson, seconded 3y Child and carried. <br />r <br />Dr. Lowell H. Campbell repor€ed that health inspections have been made on all <br />Xdina food estaBlishments; tbt dl are in good order excegt the establishment <br />on 54th znd l?rance, known as <br />aishwasher nor Pestroom, and for vhich establishment he would not recornmend <br />fssning a licease. <br />Hawthorne moved that license renewals be tabled until &€arch 28. Seconded by Child <br />and carried, <br />and ['Gravg's Griddle,n which has neither <br />r m <br />* t <br />I <br />Hawthorne moved that the operator of the E-Dinette be notified that conditions in <br />his establishment do not meet the requirements of the Board of Health and that <br />dess retplrements are met by March 28, his license will not be renetred for the <br />coming yeax; and that he be invited to meet with the Council on l&ch 28, <br />seconded by Palen and carried, <br />Hotion <br />Hawthorne moved that bids taken Pebruary 28 For fire hose and ladders be rejected, <br />and that Clerk be authorized to re-advertise. Notton seconded by Palen and carried, .