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264 i 3f 14f 49 <br />Becornendation was made by Office Hamger thaC the salsy of the Liquor Store <br />BooIrlreeper be raised to $200.00 per month. Hawthorne's motion, sgttlrrg salary <br />of Liquor Store BootAeeper at $200,00 per month, beginning March 15, 1949, was <br />seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Pursuant to 1.b. Vhdhorsbgs advice that Council <br />taken February 28, for gadtng and gTave1lin.g of Erclng Avenue between V1,58th and <br />l"f60th-Streetsy the folloxv2ng bids irere publicly opned. and read by Clezk: <br />legally open sealed. bids <br />Leo fiahti, Hopkbs, 1.lfM. <br />Pfeiff er Construction Company, Edina, $1,458 049 J. A, Danens &: Son, Edtm <br />ti. g. fiaft, HinneqoIis * $1,507.23. <br />$1 ,M0.55 <br />$1,528 . 9? <br />gerry &&rating Co., St-.Louis Park $1,195.68 . <br />ginson's motion refer+- biFi to Villwe Engineer fok tabulation ana report at <br />next meeting, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Mr. Vin&orst requested that estiinate b'e made of cost of s%om sewer and street <br />Amprovements in Lexington Avenue between St .Jo'ms and Tlooddale. Hawtho& moved <br />that Village Snggaeer be mthorized to study-drainage and street improvement <br />projecEs in the area of Lexlngt;on Avenue, St.Johns to Vo0ddd.e. Notion seconded <br />by child and carried, ~ <br />Haw5hornets motion, directing Clerk to advertise in suitable publications for <br />aslications for positipn of Village Engineer, vas seconded by Paleqand ca~lried, <br />Zavrthorhds motion for adjo)zmment vas seconded by Palen and carried, <br />I I <br />Village Clerk' <br />.. . -.. Members answering Rollca3.l were * Child; Palen, Willson, HatJthorne and Cooper. <br />Pden's motion, for apgroval of I%zutes'of Meethg of &rch 14, 1949,*was seconded <br />by WiTlson and carried, <br />In conpliznce with GomcjJrs request for appearace of Beer License amlicznts <br />?t this meeting, the following applicantq wqre present:. <br />Mr, Carl Tleseerberg - Bdina berican Legion Housing Foundation <br />Elr, Geo. Shilson - Village Inn . .,. Nr. Q.A. Olson : - Brotrn PeTby t <br />Nrs. .-a le- - Boodue Grocery (appearbg late), <br />&Ire Robert Soelberg - Xdina Cash Grocery (appearing late) <br />. 1-k. Jo~ Ostrdd - Purlty-Dairy Store <br />Applicants were informed that 'Council ~rishes strict enforcement _of the law <br />prohibiting sale of beer to minors--either off or on-sale; asking in particular, <br />that off-sale licensees refuse-to let minors secure beer vith grocery orders; and <br />reminding on-szle licensees of-the Village Anti-Spiking Ordinance. <br />were notified that, on violation of these laws, all licenses for operation of <br />business will be revoked. <br />14r. Hawthorne reviewed Health Officer Dr. Lowell Campbellr s report concerning <br />the intent of Mr, Ray Fox to comply vith Health regulations at rrRay's Lunch" <br />(formerly the 3dinette)- at 9th and France. <br />reported that the defective wiring a! this establishment afrd adjoining oil <br />station will be repaired in accordance vith his recopjmendations just as soon as <br />proprietor is able to obtain an electricfan for this work. <br />Hawthorne's motion - that Council grant the follotring licenses for the yea <br />April, 1, 1949 to April 1, 1950; that Beer Licenses for those applicants not <br />appearing 'before the CouncS1 this evening !e-held mtil after such applicants <br />kve received their instructions from' Deputy Village clerkf snd that Licenses <br />for ttBa$'s LunchN be geld until premises are in condition and have passed <br />inspection of Health Officer and Build& Inspector --was seconded by Palen <br />and carriea: . <br />Applicants <br />< I <br />Buil&ng Inspector Ben \?oeUer <br />I .