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6/13/49 <br />2 Office reported need for zn electric calculating machine; for the purpose of <br />figuring liquor inventories, and special assessments. <br />authorizing Clerk to advertise for calculating machine, with bids to be taken <br />June 27, 1949, was seconded by Palen and carried, . <br />Willson's motion, authorizing Clerk to advertise for bids for Standard Village <br />Curb and Gutter for the North side of Eden Avenue, from W.SOth Street to the <br />East entrance to the Village ml, and for the 3ast side of the Village Hall <br />Parking Lot, from Eden Avenue- to W.5Oth Street, was seconded ;by Pden and <br />tCillson*s motion, <br />._ - <br />.. carried,- __ <br />, Mr, Willson reporBed that Brookside Avenue, Between lien Avenue and Highway 169 <br />Willson <br />is now fdrly heavily travelled, ad in need-of blacktop swlacing. .He explained <br />that the MN&S Railroad Company oms the West side of the right-of-way, <br />offered the follovring Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLIEION SETZING S!EBE'l? IMPROVEI*ENT HEARING <br />BLA(IKT0PPXHG OF, BROOKS IDE AVBHLE ' BE'l?@N. <br />~ -$xE$T-AJB?'~J~'BDTD~HTG~A% mo. 169 <br />WHEREAS, t+ %dim VilXage- Councii desires on its own motion to improve <br />Brookside Avenue between Eden Avon.iZe ind *State' Highway Bo. 169, as authorized <br />BE IT RESOLVE? by the-Edina Village Council:.that it Ss deemed necessary &d <br />expgdient to i9iove Brookside Avenue BetweenaElden Avenue &nd State Highway No. 169 by Biacktopping; pd that od'the 13th day of July, 1949, 'at 8:00 P.M., <br />this Council will meet at the Vlllage Hall in ISaid Village and will at said <br />time and place hear the<parties interested therein in reference to such improve- <br />ment , -and will decide whether or not to undertake such improvement, in whole or <br />ifIkqjter'382, Laws 1903, now fherefore, .. I <br />in past. <br />ion of the Resolution vas seconded by Palen, and on Rollcall <br />ayes and no.nays, as follows: Palen, aye; Willson, aye; and <br />the Resohtion was adopted, .. <br />c e< <br />, Preqident of the Village Co$cSl <br />I * <br />c Willson' 6 motion, authorizing Clerk to advertiseticor bids for the BlacktolJping .. of Brookside Avenue between Eden Avenue and State Highway Eo. 1.69, said bids <br />to be tdcen Monday, July 11, 1949, at 8:OO P,M., was seconded by Palen znd <br />There viere still several matters before the Council (Nr, Sutton's application <br />for engineering position; vriden@g of 54t.h Street Bridge; liquor store inventory, <br />etc.) and, as the hour pas late, Villsoa movgd for- adJourhent of the Heeting to <br />Friday, June 17, 1949, at the Village Hall,.'at 8:OO P.M. <br />?den and carried. <br />.. - .. * carried, <br />Motion.seconded by <br />-" <br />-. .. - <br />- 'M~ES OF THE ABJOURNIJD PORTION OF T= <br />Pursuant to Motioh of Jmie 13, lg@, apa due calf. and notice by the President, <br />the @journed Portion of the June 13, 1949, Regular Heeting Was held Friday, <br />June 17 , p at 8: 00 P,M, <br />Hawthorne and Cooper. <br />kr. Eldon Morris of the-Liquor Comkission, .&a Liquor Store Nanager Kippleg <br />requisitioned for a $35,000 liquor inventory increase before July I., to save <br />tax increase due July 1. <br />Hawthorne moved that Mr, Kippley be authorized to pchase $35,000 in liquor <br />stocks between now and 3u&y 1, <br />bmBers. answering Rollcall were Palen, Willson,' <br />Child was absent. <br />After-review of cash balance and financial statement <br />Motion Palen and carried, <br />Nr . Kippley recommended 'installation of counters around %he store, snd the <br />mattes of a new paint Job and bstallztion of hew lights was discussed. Mr, <br />Smith was asked to check for costs on the paint and lights, and <br />to report on counters, <br />Statement from.Edina Commercial Club in amount of $75.00, was reported. <br />Hawthorne moved that Mr, Ashmead, Treasurer, be notified that the Council <br />feels that the Nunicipal Liquor Store should not belong to the Edina <br />Commercial Club, but that they will be glad to pay their portion of the <br />Kippley