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Ekrthorne8s motion, thaZ Council Eroceed with vridening of the 9th Street bridgey + accordance with plgms and specifications to be completed by Village Engineer <br />Smith, vas seconded. by PdGa and carried. <br />Villson's motion for adjourniuent was seconded by Ehvrthorne andunanimously carried. <br />Councif. convened as liBoa.&,-bf Revf&," at*j:30 $$!:, June 27, in accordance with <br />"Assessment Xotice,"r-posted on all Offieid Wletin Boards June 17, vit~ all aembers df the Council present. <br />Assesso? Greighton VY~S present to inform the Board that his Vtsluations Books for <br />the year 1949 irere not yet ready for presentation. <br />'fliUsorm*s motion, adjourning meeting to Mondey, July 11, 1949, at 6:3O P.I., was <br />.. seconded by Palen and unanimously carried. <br />Mr, Creightoh notified Boaril that the county Supervisor of Aksessnents v~ibl be <br />present on tbat date, to meet with 'the 5) <br />- .. <br />-- I. I" <br />'. <br />.- <br />- - <br />Clerk <br />Nenbers anseering Rollcall were Chiid, Paen, 'c.lilL&n, Hawthorne, and Cooper. <br />IIejLth Officer Lowell Cq&ll rkparted- to Council that' sewage connection trill <br />be made by Hopk@~s to the Nimeqolis sever system before the end of theyear-, <br />thus elhinating cont&inat%on of Nine-r.Iile'Creek. <br />Dr. Campbell reported an insanitary conditioii in the neighborhooa of 60th Street +a Vood&d.e, in the pumping of cesspools onto the land. Havthorneas motion, <br />that^Hezlth Officer be iiirected to see that all villagers +dng cesspools <br />conpxy vritli State Health Departiment Remations in maintaining such regulations. <br />.( <br />- <br />Dr. Cmpbell-reporied new act by Le&slahre, which vi11 allow Village to assess <br />Uncover& privy excavation vas reported at the residence of Nr. Gus Isaacsso;lz, <br />6309 Ikt eman Avenue. Dr. Campbell will investigate immediatelg. <br />€or sprayipg of mosqxitoes, .. - <br />i <br />The Pgesident .anounced'tha€ the meeting vas open €or the consideration of bids <br />for the purchase of $60,000 Permanent 1mrovemen.f; Revolving ;F'und Bonds in <br />accordance with resolution adopted by $he Village Council on-iTune 17, 1949. lthe <br />Clerk presented an affidavit-*showing tko veeks* pudlication of notice of sale in <br />the official newssaper of the Village, whi6h vrss ebbed, found satisfactory and <br />ordered placed oa file. <br />.> <br />The Clerk reported, that four sealed bids had been received in accordance ai%h <br />said notice, which bids were then publicly opened, read andconsidered, and the <br />highkt and best 'bid of each'bidder vas found to be as follows: <br />Eane of Bidder Interest Rate - Premium <br />* UorthiTestern BaiGional Bank, 1.Iinneapolis ,2.2$ $180.00 <br />and 'Z 2.00$ $156.00 <br />Allison-Tlilliams Company, Ninneapolis . $2.20$ $101.00 I <br />First Eaim State-Barik, Zana; ) <br />First Bat io& B&, 1-I.liruleapolis) <br />Piper ,Jzfi"ray & Hoprood, Nimeapolis) <br />$139.00