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.' I <br />The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution Was duly seconded <br />by Trustee T!illson, and upon vote being tzken thereon, the follovling voted <br />in favor thereof; Child, Palen, Willson, Hawthorne, and Cooper, and the following voted against the same: No Hay Votes - whereupon said resolution <br />was declared duly passed and adopted, and the President signed the same <br />and it VJaS attested by the Villge Clerk,' <br />Villson's motion for adjournment vas seconded by Pden and carried. <br />.. I r <br />I. <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUGIS OF MEBlfL\TG OF EDINA BOARD 03' <br />ElVIl3\'l, HE$ID MONDAY, -JULY 13, 1949, <br />AI! 6t30 P.M. AT !ED3 EDINp VILLAGE H.&LL <br />Pursuant to duly published and posted I'Assessment MoticeVt1 the Bdina Board <br />of Review met, with Village Assessor Alex Creighton md, Hennepin County <br />Supervisor of Assessors, Roy Haeg, at the Village Hdl OR Monday, J~ly 11, 1949, at 6:30 P.M. Members present were Palen, Billson and Coopeq* t <br />Mr, William Alavado, 5815 Valley Rep? Road, requested adaustment made on <br />1948 real. estate valuation, <br />meeting is conducted to discuss dy 1949 Personal Property and nevi <br />Real Estate valuations; that he must file application for rebate with <br />the County Auditor for assessments of 1948. <br />Mr. Haeg informed &. Alavado that this <br />Dr, indMrs, Raph Obermeyer requested that special. assessment for grading <br />their road be respxead over a period of ten years, <br />this matter is in.the hands of the Village Attorney, and asked to securq <br />a petition for such respread, <br />l!r. John Person requested sewer assessment refund, He was informed th& <br />this meeting is not conaucted for the purpose of reviewing special <br />assessments; that he should secure legal council <br />1i-k. Cqoper inquired of Ass&sor Creighton as to the status of the Nike <br />Asplund property on Blake Road, which property has reportedly been chged <br />from-&ricul&ural to Son-Agricultural status , whereas the lorn 'Hoore estate <br />is recipient of Agrfcul.l;ural rating. Mr, Creighton iras uncertain as to <br />the status of the Asplund property, but stated he believed*it should be <br />Agricultural, <br />from the State Tax Commissioner*s Office, after a complaint r to them, <br />Nr. Cooper irm$.red'es $0 the rating to be ginen to the undeveloped lands <br />owned +y the Spring Company+and by Carl M, Hansen, <br />borderline cases , according to Messrs. Creighton and beg. <br />Nr, Coopei recommended revaluation of business properties at the 50th Street <br />and France Avenue corner in the next red estate assessment year, 19.50. <br />They were informed that <br />He eqlained that Mr, lom Noore had received his rating <br />.. <br />These tracts are <br />t <br />Discussion tras had of two lots on tl,5Oth Street near Halifax Avenue, with <br />%r, Creighton reportipg that owners hqe asked for valuations based on <br />residential rates instead. af commercial rates. <br />that-the Council has refused. to rezone these properties commercially, ad <br />,that they, therefore, should be given $he bepefit of residential ratings, <br />Mr. Creighton's Book of Valuations for the Year 1949 was presented, v&th <br />his information that new Real Estate for the Year 1949 totals. approximately <br />$.500;000. <br />Mr, Creighton tras informed <br />a Motion by TTillson, qproving Vduations for Year 1949, was <br />seconded by Pden and caryied. <br />r I <br />*