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48 i 7 J26/49 <br />llenbers znswezing -BoZldl were Child, Pden, l'lilisbn, Hawthorne, and Cooper. <br />Eotion by Trillson, approving as submitted the follotring E&m%es, tras seconded by <br />Palen .ad carried: <br />of June 2.7, Boad of Review Heeting of SnZg 11, CounciL Neetipg of Jvly 11, and <br />Aajourrred portion'of July 11 Efeeting he&d July 13, 1949. <br />Pursuant to Qo%ice of Hesing-Curb abd Gu&er'," published ih Suburban Press, <br />June 30 zyld July 6, 19@, &%Xidavit of Publi'cation for vrhich vas read by Clerk, * <br />apyroved as to form and placed on file, the President called public hearing to <br />consider the pe%itTon of 8, 3. del'hter and others for Qnprovement of tmity <br />Avenue betwen I?ind Road znd Southview Lane $3 construction of Gurb and Gutter <br />thereb. Village Engiwer's'Estfmate of Costl, in amount of $2,548.26 or $2,@ <br />per assessable foot, tras redd, <br />construction as soon as possibEe. <br />mitten, Trillson offered the folloving Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Hinutes of Board of Review Heeting of June 27, c'ouncil l<Ieeting <br />.* I A delegation bed by Nr. dell%ter, rewesteh <br />'Phere Gere no ob3ections, either oral OP <br />R3SOLU2ION FOR' Il*~OVEi'*~ <br />I CURB AND GUTPER--ITITP AvnJuE BERiEEN TU3lD <br />f ROD m somrrvrm 3;8~~: ?!me, petition in miting requesting iInp?bvement of Unity Avenue between <br />?rind Road and Southview Lane by construction of Curb and Gutter therein has been <br />duly filed with this CouncriJ. dated June 27, L911.9, signed by ovmers of nore tbzn <br />!&'in frontage of the real property abutting on-the portion of the street named <br />in .said petStion as tfier location for such improvement, 2nd <br />notice. to $3. Broperty ovmers whose property is liable to be assessed for such <br />improvement published in €he Subnrbm Press, Hopkins, lhnesota on June 30 and 3 <br />July 6, ad has heard all persons interested, and determined the necessity'for <br />$he improvement petitioned for, now thbrefore <br />%am of 1927, that the petition above described is hereby deternined to have bees <br />signed by the recutred percentee of ovmers of property affected thereby, ad <br />be improved by construction of Standard Villwe Curb and Gutter therein, in accord- <br />ace vith Stanhard Specifications for said curb and gutter now on file with the <br />Village Clerk, and viiich have heretofore been aBiroved. <br />BE IT FuB'pEiac- lW3XKED that the Clerk is directed to prepare and insert in <br />the Subdbe Press, Bopkins, Hfinnesota, and in the Construction Eulletin, Minne- <br />asolis, an advertisement for bids upon such improvement in accordance with <br />agpoved plans and specifications, said bids to be opened August 8, 1949, at <br />8:OO P.l-5, <br />TmAS the Village Council has met at the tine aad place specified in a <br />BE I!?RESOI;VED BY the Village Council of Edina, as reqyised by Chapter 311, <br />3E SI! WRTEER RZSOLVEI) that Unity Avenue between #ind Road and Southvierr &ne <br />Iche deposit accoagan@ng each bid shall 'be ten Fercent of the amount <br />bid, .. <br />Motion €or adoption of the Resolution vas seconded by Palen, and on Rollcdl there <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />HaIrth?rne, aye: and Cooper, aye; and the Resolu-kion vas adopted, <br />Child, aye; Palen, aye; TTillson, STe; <br />f. <br />I Village Cler& <br />hsuant-to Iaesolution SeEting Street rmprovement Eearing-BlacMopping ITina ~oaa <br />between 3Tormandd.e and Uniity Avenues! adopted by the Come51 June 27, 1949, ad <br />$u%lished in Suburban Press, Hopkins, Ninnesota, June 30 and July 6, Affidavit of <br />Publica%ion for which vas read, agproved as to fop &d place3 on file, the President <br />callea public hezing on this proposed bprovement. <br />this improvement, e,ither ord-.or vnitten. Engineer's Estimtg of Cost, in ainount of <br />$1,069.80, or $1.81 per assessable foot, vas gj.ven,+and f'lillson offered the ftdlorring 2esolution andz moved i,ts adostion: <br />'Phere were no objections to <br />~SOL~ION FOR ~EII! I~.~~~,~~~~-s~o~~I~~G <br />TmAS, pursuant; to Eesolution. adopted by the Edina VillGe Council June 27, 194.9, ad published in Suinrrban 2ressj Hopkins, Winnesota, on June 30 ad Julr 6, <br />1949, the Village Couhcil has met at the time and @zce specified 6herein and head <br />all persons interested with reference to, proposed 5aproTernent of Vind Road betvreen <br />~brn?aaWe 2lna Unity Averiues by Blacktopping, now therefore