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I <br />I <br />'Phe followi <br />report that <br />J. McClur <br />3. so Lam <br />&nolil- Bi <br />&@id Plu <br />2. Do Gus <br />Klingelhu <br />Motion by P <br />unanimously <br />Palen's mot <br />: pS hip of t <br />Willson moe <br />Bridge, sai <br />%e drafted <br />Office rep0 <br />set hearing <br />r be in %he o <br />for adjourn <br />I <br />7t30 P.I., <br />r <br />Nembers pi <br />The Villq <br />Council ai <br />highway ec <br />receipts-- <br />action tab <br />$15,000 fc <br />Village Ma <br />garage is <br />in the ana <br />this work <br />Council re <br />Minutes of <br />date. <br />$ <br />Next matte <br />for cost- o <br />of St.John <br />Heights 2n <br />WillSon of <br />- <br />wllEml <br />contract h <br />and the IT0 <br />the Clerk <br />to be spec <br />parcel of <br />assessment <br />therefore, <br />BE II <br />work of i: <br />that the c <br />Hopkins, 14 <br />September <br />that the t <br />%22f49 ; qplications for P1 bing Licenses were presented, with the <br />:6quired performance bonds @e in order: <br />Kelly & 'Go, , .2601 Stevens Ave. So,, Ninneapolia <br />in Go. , Inc., 1013 +&@qnette Av6, <br />5 plumb in^ 80 Heating Go., 4945 SO. Upton., Pkimeqolis <br />lie Po Heating Go, , 3806 Grand Ave. , Minneapolis; <br />Skon Cornmy, 3206 Bfoomingtoa- Aveke , Minneapolis <br />z C onpany, 5320 Lya@.le Ave, So., Mheapolis <br />Len, &anting licenses to April I 1, 5950, was seconded by Ifillson and <br />m; that/license be granted to Rresidene Gene Cooper, upon su'bmission <br />3 required a>plication and bond, was seconded by - Hafihorne and carried. <br />I that Council advertise for bids for the widenink of the 9th Street <br />bids to be taken September 12, 1949, according to specifications to <br />r the Village IngLnder, Mation seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />red that Special Assessments must be reviewed by Council in time to <br />for sane on September 26, I949-=in order that said assessments mag <br />'ice of the Hennepin County Auditor by October 1,- Motion by Hawthorne, <br />mt of the Meeting of August 22, to Euesday, September 6, 1949, at <br />ts seconded Palen &nd c&&ed. <br />Minneapolis <br />:aEried. .. plumber' s <br />I <br />I <br />sent and svering Rollcall were Palen, TkiLlson, Hawthorne and Cooper. <br />Budget for the year 1950 was discussed at some length, with the <br />iving at a gross of $&2,308.75 in estimated expenditures (including <br />addition to Village, ell, $~~,ooo for new Fire Station, $5,000 for <br />ipment , and $1,500 for two automobile re;pla,cemepts) $4&,5,00 estimated <br />r het Budget, Lev of $197,808.75, which vonld be 36 mills. <br />a to adopt budget at $his time, <br />No <br />3,ger Smith reported that the roof of the Liquor Store marquee and <br />2dl.y in need of Fepair, and submitted the bid of Jacobsen ad Quist <br />it of $235.00, for repair, <br />)mplet& at above bid price. <br />rested that Idina Liquor Control Commission be asked to submit <br />deetings for all meetings held between April15, 1949 apd the present <br />Council authorized Er. Smith to have <br />% <br />of hsiness was the reviewing of proposed Special, Assessmen; Rolls <br />construction work. <br />Avenue between Woodhill Road ad the North Lot Line of Golf !Perrace <br />Addition, fn the amount of $389.08, or $1.54 per assessable foot. . <br />Ired the following Resolution and move& its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION SITTING ASSESSMDHT! IBARING <br />BLACKTOPPING OF ST: JOHNS Am BETWEEN <br />tJOO1111EI1;1; ROD AND THE NORTH LO2 LIm OF <br />Engineer Smith presented Roll for the Blacktopping <br />GOLF 'EDRACE IfEIGHPS 2nd DDN. <br />; pursuant to Resolution adopted ky the Council May 23, 1949,. a <br />3 been let for improvement of St. Johns Avenue between Woodhill Road' <br />;h Lot Line of Golf 9errace Heights 2nd Addn. by Blacktopping; and <br />ith the assistance of the engineer has calculated the proper amount <br />dly assessed for such Improvement against every lot, piece, or <br />and abutting upon such improvement as provided by law, which proposed <br />is now on file with the clerk and open to public inspection, now <br />IESOLV3D by the Village Council of the Village of Edina that the said <br />roving said street is hereby designated as Street Improvement So. 22; <br />3rk is directed to cause-notice to be published in Suburban Press, <br />mesota, on September 8 and 15, 1949, that this Council will meet on 5, 1949, at the Village Hall, to pass upon said proposed assessment; <br />tal cost of said improvement is determined to be $389.08, <br />.