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- <br />131 10/2Lk /&g <br />lIr. Pden sussested that paking be chmged at South Hzrriet Dairy Store, <br />i3ecEaSe of trdfic congestion c~usod bg present nethod, ad also d-irocsted a <br />study of parking cgrobleas at ~62nd 2nd Broo7kview ad 02das-m, Hmth~i-ie~ s <br />..ilotion di-recting ;Village Engineer to study tmffic aroblerns at the a%ove <br />nancd locations wd to report back at the next regubx meeting, YES seconded <br />ba 9den and czrried. -< P <br />Hwtliorne noved repest ink Fl~ing Gomission to make study of the zdvisa3ility <br />of zoning a-i,os'cion of the Southeast section of E&iia for iniiustrial use. <br />bfotion seconded by Pden and carried; <br />t <br />There 'wins no further %usiness to come before Couacil, Hzwthorne moved for <br />adjourment. Hotion seconded by Villsoa znd carried. Meeting adjourneci at <br />10:25 P.I.1. <br />. <br />t "MINUTES OF T!HE: REGULAR KEETPING 03' TIB <br />E1DfNA VIIUGE CIOUNCIL, HXLD MOKD&Y, <br />NOQEKBER- 14,. 1949, &! 8500.P.M. ki! THE <br />t <br />t <br />EDINA VI$UGB H.&G <br />Members answering Rollcall were Child; Willson, Palen and Cooper; with Eawthorne <br />coming later as recorded belovi, <br />Motion by Willson, deferring acceptance of Minutes of Meeting of Oct'ober 24 <br />until next regular meeting, was seconded by Palen and carried, <br />President Cooper announced Continuation of Phblic Hearing on proposed assessment <br />for. the Grading apd Gkavelling of Monroe Avenue between Maloney Avenue and the <br />North Village Linits, ' !Chis-hearidg had been continued' from the Meeting of <br />October 24, pending an on-the-field ihspection of the work by the Council. !rith <br />the property owners, Messrs, Child and Willson reported that inspection had <br />been made, and that with a small amount of maintenace work, the street will <br />be in condition. Assessment R&l, in amount of 83,126,613 as against 2,299 <br />assessable feet, or $1.36 per assessable foot, was reviewed. 2here were no <br />obJections to the assessment, either oral or written. Willson offered the <br />follovring Resolution and' moved it's adoption8 <br />- t r <br />G <br />1 SOLUTION AEOPTING ASSESSI~EWSTREZT n&ovmm - <br />VILLAGE LIMITS . <br />* XO, %-bIR'PDfNG AND GUIELLING. OF . <br />* MOEJROE AKE&UE BE!CWEEN MALOXEiY AVENUE AND hOR!IJI. 'r - <br />r <br />WEEREAS proposed assessment for the cost of the improvement of Monroe <br />Avenue between Maloney Avenue and the North Village Lipits by Gradingarzd <br />Gravelling has been duly filed with the Village Clerg and open to public: <br />inspection, and notice has beenpublished in Suburban Press, Hopkins, Minne- <br />sot=, on September& 29 and Octpber 6, 1949, that %his Council would pass upon <br />said propqsed assessment at the Meeting of October, 1949, and this council. <br />has met aC the time and place specified in said notice, now therefore, . <br />Rl!l IT RESOLVED by the Village Coucil of the Village of*Edina that said <br />proposed assessmen:, which is hereby beferred to and made a part hereof, is <br />hereby adopted, ;tpd a~1 aksessment is hereby levied against each of' the lots, <br />parts of lots, pieces and parcels of land described therein in the sums <br />-thereen respectively set fbrth, and each of said tracts of land is hereby <br />found to be behefited in the amount of the assessment levied against it; <br />herein: <br />annual installments extendink ov-r a period of three years, the first to be <br />payable on the first day' of June, 1950, all deferred payments are to bear <br />interebt at the rate bf 5% per annum. .Said assessments and interest shall 'be 'a lien upon the property therein specified concurrent with general. taxes a8 <br />authorized by Chapter 65, Law of Minn. 1919,. as amended, <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Child, and on RollcalX <br />there were four ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />aye: (looper, aye; and the Resolution was adopted. <br />; <br />BE IT FURTBIB RESOII~ 'thatIeach assessment shall be payable in equal <br />Child, aye; Palen, aye; Willson, <br />-t r <br />Villke Cl&k