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227 <br />I%, I-Iairthorne inquired &out paving on Frznccs Avanue a6 xias infomted by I&& <br />Olsson that he is in the process of contacting thc proper partlies on this <br />mattert. <br />?4r. E-Iairthomie reported. to Council that the public dmp at Eghway Noe 5 md <br />Prance Avenue is encroaching &-'Edina property, <br />a notice should be' sent to owner that dump trill not be allotml in Edina, <br />It was infomelly agreed that <br />Some discussion was had as to the possibility ol" securjng of 194'3 lTillago <br />records by an accounting firm, rather than having the State ikmdnem, as usu& <br />Reasons given were the dzlay in the audit, and also delay in receiving audit <br />report from State Brmminers. &Jo action takena <br />There being no further business to COTE bePore the IIeeting, Damns moved. fok. <br />ad jourrmznt, FIotion seconded by Palen and unanitrously carried+ 14eeting ad. joumed <br />at 11: 55 P,~JI'~T* <br />Xuch discussion was .had with regard to Vil.lage's acquiring property for a 1:;unicipCi. <br />Parking Lot. The Commission reviewed for the Council previous actions and recox+ <br />mendation$ made with regard to t1xi.s project. Ifre Nichols prescrted Studios 368-33 <br />and 365-E as revised Uay, 1950, incorporating Planning Comdssion recomteridztics <br />for the most feasible parking pl&s on both North and South sides of Ys50th SdcrzeL, <br />During discussion, a suggestion was mad; tha6 the Cast 150 feet of the Dsuglna <br />%llqce property, between lie 9th Street and. Xar'xet Strest, might be added to the <br />above recomneqdations, as property desirable for parkinee <br />record EX wishing to use the present l0Yfoot strip of Village or;lned psrcprty at <br />%he Yest of :-klifax Avenue aq a buffer strip 6etween 'ous9ness and residdntial <br />properties; ad, Yflerefore, favoring no parking at all on the tTzllace property, <br />Council and Comission discusied acquisition of the South 1/2 of the former <br />Henrietta Igoreau property, abutting Harket Street, as a prt of the proposed <br />Kunicipal Pzrking Lot; and Commission reiterated 2 fomer recomnendstim that <br />this property be zcquired for such purposec <br />Kayor %rickson proposed a lessening of square footage reqcirerdeilts for apar%xerit <br />houses immediately ed.jacent $0 the Comunity Store distridts of the VfUege; and <br />the Cormission's stand on this miter was reviewed, witti a sugpstion ba thz <br />Conmission that adoption 0; an Ordinance mendment would -2 be the only possible <br />solution to this problema . <br />The Planning Collrznission went on record as recommending to the Village Council that <br />proprties shom as "Park;ing" in Ree Nichols' Studies 36C-E and 365-3 as* revised <br />Iky, 1950, including the South 135 feet of the fomer'lloreau pra$erty, but without <br />the ?;allace property, be acquiCed by the Trillage' Council for 1.Imicirtal Parking Lot <br />inmediately upon petition for samer ' <br /> Council, Commission discuksed proposal by T,ke Chapman for %he movbg 0% the <br />Village FIall. from its presant site to one Vest of Vooddale on 50th Street, in oi?d-C:r <br />kh& present. site might be used for parking in connection 15th i?Ir@ Chzpaanrs prop03 <br />business development, <br />carried, vo'ced to oppose the proposal to move the Dillsge Ball. <br />vote, <br />Com.dssion and Council having concluded busfness df the evenbe, Tieeking was <br />adjourned at 10:30 P.IL c <br />The Comisaion mnt on <br />.a <br />Planning Cormkssion, by motion d.uly mzde, seconded and <br />Thorpe did not <br />Village Clerk <br />ed <br />n