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234 5/22/50 <br />'BE E RJRTI-iER RESOLVED, That those Parking Restrictions established for <br />Wooddale Avenue by Council Resolution dated December 12, 1949, and %hose Bus <br />Stops established by said Resolution dated December 12, 19k9r shall contjnue <br />in, f orceo <br />.I I Engineer Olsson inquired as to Council! s opinion on 'Storm Sewer previously discussed, <br />to provide drainage for the Colonial Grove-Golf Terrace area. Havrthorne!~ motion, <br />authorizing and 'directing Village Engineer to prepare plans, specificaP;ions, and <br />estimate of cost for said Storm Sever, vas seconded by,Child and casrie'd, <br />There behg no furbher business to come before the Council, Danens! motion for , <br />adjournment vas seconded by Palen and unanimously carriGd, Heeting adjourned at <br />-. <br />Hembers answering Rollcall were Danens , <br />Ninutes of Meeting of Hay 8, 1950, were <br />seconded by Bavthorne and carried, <br />-. <br />Palen, Hatrt;horne, and Nrickson, <br />approved as submitted, by Notion Palen, <br />.r -_ <br />3layor Erickson announced that Public Hezrings scheduled for this evening on the <br />proposed Grading and Gravelling, and Sanitary Sewer ad Vater Xain Extension in <br />Be=& and Choven Avenues between B.58th and W,59th S%reets has been postponed <br />anti1 &fond=, June 12, for the purpose of including the block betweeri W.59th and <br />I'l,6Oth streets in the proposed projects, <br />Pmsnznt to "Advertisement for Bids-Pump House1! published in Suburban Press, <br />Hopk5ns, and in <br />Wey 4, 1950, Clerk opened the following sealed bids coveririg construction of <br />House at Edim High School Site: <br />After consideration of bids, and recommendzbion by PubliC UtilfCies Supt. Woehler <br />that bid be awarded immediatily if possible, Ekwthorne moved for aW2d of bid to <br />Christ C, See &I Sons, Inc, at price of $3,566.00, Motion seconded by Palen and <br />carried. <br />Pursuant to tlAdvertisement for Bids-Insurance for Liquor Store ,I1 pnblished in <br />Suburbvr Press, Hoplans, on Hay 11, 1950, Glerk opened the following sealed bids: <br />Construction Bulleth, I.Iinneapolis, on April 27 and <br />Bonvlder znd Coqany, Xinneapolis <br />Chrrst C, See & Sons, Inc, <br />$4.345 00 $3,366.00 I <br />Fm,k1;Ipp. FIRE,EX'2. FIRZ,EXT. MOXEIY & 3ERC.OPZR COl*E%E- <br />$5O/$iOO ,OOOCOV,VBNDAL. COV,VABDAL COV,VANDALSECURITB~ S?JOCIPIXXRG* EIBISID LIABILI!PY BUILDING STOCK FURX&I?IXT. ~BURGLARY) STOCK GLASS <br />(~~~11 $3O,OOO $60,000 $4;000 $10,000 $10.000 Act.Vdue <br />Savid &Cy* (Br_sis . : 281,09(IYr.) 21.98 <br />Hermann Inv. '(?0~.73(3Yr.)f <br />1.5llt ,Den,@cy. 171.00 * 95.81(1Yr)~3.00(1Yr.) <br />239,53( 3~r) BZ.~O( ?yr . 1 <br />Harsh & @ptg.k?n, <br />$fOt%on by Ha.r%horne; seferring bids to'village Attorney and Villag0 Eno&eer for <br />tabulation ad report at next meeting, YTas seconded by Palen and carried. <br />Co, 28.18 95 00 223;12 23 .P8 <br />&E.Bsdeen 22.. 53 w.35 188.70 10.07 95.81 213.00 19 079 <br />I-IcLeIbgag 2 8-18 160 20 21.90