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Q f , <br />MINUTES OF THE REGMR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, MELD MIONDAl, <br />JUNE 12, 1950, AT 8:00 P.M., AT THE <br />EDINA V=G.- ; HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Danens, Palen and Child,,.Trustee Child <br />presiding in Mayor Erickson's absence, Clerk Hawthorne arrivsd during the <br />reading of bids for Blac4topping Projectsv <br />Danens moved for approval of Minutes of Meeting of My,22, as submitted, <br />Motion seconded by Palen and carried. <br />Pursuant to ItAdvertisement for Bids Street Improvements A -5 to :? -11, Inca - <br />Blasktopping,tt' published in Suburban Press, Hopkins, and in Construction <br />Bulletin, Minneapolis, May 25 and June 11, 1950, Affidavit of Publication for <br />which was read, to form and placed on file, the folloiTing sealed <br />bids were publicly opened and read: <br />ASMIORTH & SON CO. CRAIG J. ALEXANDER JAY If. CRAIG CO. <br />Tar AsRhalt Tar Asphalt Tax Asphalt <br />STPLEET EA'. #A-5,k <br />Brookview W.61st to (B) .49 (13).44 (B).55 (B) .49 (B)-50 (B) .4th <br />W.62nd St. (Sq.Yd.) (S)•41 (S).36 0 (S).55 (3)•49 0 (S)•415 (S)•37 <br />TOTAL $1890.00 4/16$0.00 ,42310.00 $2058400 01921,50 X1722.00 <br />STREET Its'. #A - -6 A, <br />Abbott 1ve.4,456th to (B).49 (B)•44 (B).55 (B).49 (B)•50 (B).45 <br />ILT, 57th St. (Sq.Yd.) (S) .41� (S) .r3.6 3 (S) .55 (S),49 $ (S).415 (S) .37 <br />TOTAL o1'1Q94.Q0, 6148C.Q0 ��2310.00 02058.00 01921.50 X1722.00 <br />STR IT E.T. #A \,\,, <br />Zenith Ave.-1/2 Bl* S. <br />of W.56th to (B)449 (B).44 (B).55 {B).49 (B)• 0: (B):.45 <br />W,57th St. s(Sq.Yd.) (S).41 (S).36 4- (S).55 (3).49 (5).415 (S).37 <br />TOTAL 600.30 5 533.60 �4 733.70 4 653.66 5 610.31 6 546.94 <br />STREET DIP. #A-8 A: <br />Tower St,- St.Johns Ave„ ( ).49 (B)•44 (B)•55 (B).49 (B)•50 (B)•45 <br />to Concord Ave. (Sq.Yd.) (6).1.1. (S),36 (S) #55 (S) =49 (3)•415 (S)•37 <br />TOTM, 51980.00 $1760.00 ;42420.00 92156.00 6'2013.00 51304.00 <br />STRIM, T 1 1p. #A -9 A <br />Lakeview Dr *- St.Johns Ave.&(B).49 (B)•44 (B).55 (B) .49 (B)•50 (B)•45 <br />to Crescent Dr.; and that(S).41 (S)•36 W •55 (S) -1i% (S)•415 (S)•37 <br />part of Concord Ave. adj, <br />L1,B1.8 & L1,B17,G.T.Hts•. x k <br />Addn, (Sq.Yd.) <br />f TOTAL 33000,6o 02667.120 03W.40 43267.32 X3050.61 x2733.88 <br />STREET 114. =A <br />Drew Ave. SST 57th to } (B) .49 M-44 M-55 (;B) •49 M-50 (B) •45 <br />11.58th St. (Sq.Yd.) (S).41 (3).36 (S).55 (9) .49 (S).415 (S).37 <br />Y Tom j 1,890.00 kl680.00 X2310.00 42058900 $1921,50 @1722.00 <br />STREET IMP. #A - -11 -A *, <br />Antrim Rd, IT.70th St. <br />to Valley View Rd. & r <br />=Zj7fth St*-= tiadtrim Road - (B).49 (B).44 (B).55 (B) x•49 (B).50 (B).45 <br />to Cahill Rd. (Sq.Yd.) (S).41 (3).36F $ (3).55 (S) .49 (S).415 (S).,37 <br />TOTAL 11790.90 10480.80 14411,10 12835,98 11987,42 10742.82 <br />STMT I1,1P. &-l1-B,,,\ <br />r <br />Prospect 'Hills & Prospect D).49 (B).44 B .55 B .49, (B).50 (B).45 <br />Hills,2nd Addn�.(Sq,,Yd.) (3),41 (3)•36 � (S).55 (S) .49 (3).415 (S).37 <br />t TOTAL 14940.90 13280.80 _ 18261,10 16268.98 15189.92 13612.82 <br />Cu. r <br />FOURA GRAITEL (Sq.Yd.) ' $1.25 K $1.30 51.25 <br />t <br />Danens' motion, for referral of bids to Village Engineer for tabulation and report <br />at next regular meeting] was seconded by Palen and carried.. <br />Y } <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Hearing Treater Tlai n, lmprovement,'1. published in Suburbans. <br />Press, Hopkins, Minnesota, on May 25 and June 1, 1950, . Affidavit' of Publication <br />for which was read, approved as to form and placed on file, Reting Mayor Child <br />called Public Hearing on proposed construction pf Village Water Main Extension <br />as follows: t - <br />1.10't Trunk Water Main in Ifooddale ,?ve. between Tower St, and 'U„60th Ste and in <br />1,1958th St. between Concord Avenue and Park Place, - <br />2. 6" Lateral ;rater Mains in Kellogg Avenue between 1458th St. and Valley View <br />Road and in Oakiawn Avenue between 1^T.58th and 11,59th Streets` <br />Y" <br />