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272 J I' <br />Motion by Palen, for confirmation of Councills action of July 7, in making payment <br />to paxk board instructors in the following amounts, vas sacddddbby Drmens and <br />carried : P x <br />CL.rn4 TJQ. PARK FUND ' <br />Emerson 11. flistelske 40.00 <br />Bai*bara Zllig 40 . 00 <br />4845 <br />b846 <br />484.7 Dorothy Kilvorson 40 00 <br />4848 Betty Lou Hauser 40.00 <br />4849 Gordon I,, Jacobson c 40.00 <br />4850 I Peter B. FiLy I 40.00 $340,00 <br />4844 F, J. Uigginton 8100.00 <br />* -< Supt. of Public Utilities Uoehler reported that heshad denied application for permit <br />to construct baseinent under dwelling at 5600 Xerxes Ayenue, inasmuch as said dwelling <br />does not conform to building code. <br />action, rriits seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Nr. Voeuer requ&ed Council action in matter of application for permit for dwelling <br />to face Naple Eoad, on Lot 20 and part of Lot 19, Block 2, Vhite Oaks,s&d lots <br />being platted to face 71. 48th Street. <br />hous,es across If. 48th Street, and on Eaple Road, and recommeuddd issuance of permit, - <br />Palen moved that Council grant permit for dpelling at corner of W.48th and Maple <br />Road, facing 1Iaple Road. <br />Elr. Woehler reported application for permit on fractional part of Lot 7, Roll'hg Green, reviewing for Council fact that Rolling Green is to be replatted, and that. previous <br />action by Council refused permits uritil replat has bpen filed, <br />that permit be,granted, and that developer be notified to present revision of <br />plat so that it may go on record, was seconded byTPalen 'and carried. <br />I Paleh's motion, that Council confirm,Nr, Woehlar's <br />- <br />Ilr. Woehler pointed out the location of <br />Notion seconded by Dcmens and carried. <br />I I I <br />Hotion br Daqms <br />?.iotipn* by Palen for adjournment was seconded by Daneris and carried, <br />at U:lO AA, 1-Ionday, July 11, <br />Heeting adjourned <br />V c XAa- <br />(I Village Clerk <br />f * <br />I.m\fLTTES OF THE SPECIAL NEXTING OF THE-EDINA. <br />. VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD HOTJDAY, JULY 17, 1950, <br />w AT 3:30 P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Purswt to due Call -and Notice, by Trhst'ees" Dahens and Palen, Special Heeting for the <br />Purpose'of Acting on Bids on Bituminous Distributor and Truck, convened at the Village <br />Hall at 5:40 P.H., I.ionday, July 17, 1950. Hembers present were Erickson, Palen and <br />Danens . ). <br />- Notion. by Damns, seconded by Palen, that bid of Rosholt Equipment Cornpan6 far Nodel R&E <br />Bituminous Distributor; at price of $4,l48.0OY be accepted. Hotion unanimously carried. <br />Palen's kotion, seconded by Danens, that the bid of International Harvester Company, <br />for 3fodel L182 International Truck, at* price of $3,178.71, was unanimously carried. <br />There being no further business before this S <br />+ <br />4 <br />-"UTES OF BOARU OF R.EXIl31 T-EM'nJCT IIELD <br />MORDAY, JULY 24.,k95Oy AT 6:30 PJI.; AT <br />TH2 EDINA VILLAGE HAIS, <br />Council net as Village Board of Review, to inspect the Valuations Records of Village- <br />Assessor, Alex Creighton. <br />Assessor Creighton,and County SvLpervisor of Assekments ,Roy Haeg, were* also present , <br />Pssessor Creightbn's'records were reviewed by the Board at 'some length, and the <br />Clerk's kibaturb was appended thereto, without change. <br />Hehbers present were Danens , bvkhorne, Erickson and Palen, <br />Hr, J.J. Duggan, acconpanied by two other gentlemen, requested information on manner <br />of assessing the old Kyte farm, and was &horned that this is on ltA~ricultural rate," <br />There were no other inquiries 3% the lleeting, and no written objections had been <br />received by the Board prior to the Heetlng, <br />There being no further business to come before the Neeting, Hawthorne moved for <br />adjourrment. Eotion seconded by Palen and carried.