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288 7 /29 /so <br />Council Nembers Presen6 :.rere Dmens, Pden and Brickson, vrith Pzlek acting as Clerk, <br />Pursuant to due call and notice to members of the Council, the neeting convened at <br />3:OO PA , Saturdqy, July 29, Zt the Village ell, to consider police protection, <br />Hr. Al. I'lehr, spokesna for the Edina Lions Club, requested better police protection <br />for safety of life and property in th? Village, aslring for tvro sqU cars in the streets <br />of this sixteen-squre-mile villzige, vrhich is npv almost 10,000 in population. <br />Hayor Xrickson eqlained the develoiment of activity in the Police Department since <br />January 1, 1950, under this Council--a new Chief, one new man snd one. new squad car, <br />Heaso called the attention of the Club to the limitations of the law and the budget <br />on the Council zs a body. <br />Nr, Harry Dmis reported on the establishment of a Junior Patrol, sugesting that the <br />Bstrol could observe violations, znd a followup letter be sent to the violator by <br />the Villzge Police Department. <br />- <br />I <br />Nr, Hem& Strachauer spoke, eqlaining that the Lions are a cross-section of the <br />PiXlage population, and as such, are in no vray criticizing the Police,DepartmenP; but <br />are offering suggestions to help @prove it. <br />&nerd floor discussioa follovred. <br />It vas recommended by the"lions th& OfZicer Heydt,be nzde available for beat work <br />during School hd rush horns* <br />Agreed by Council azld Lions Club that one more man and a netr car be added this ne4* <br />budget, to dlotr tvo one-man cars during daylight hours and one two-man car at <br />night, as well as beat nwo * <br />Bere being no further business to come before the Meeting, It was adjonmed.. <br />r <br />I Acting Clerk' . <br />c ' f.IR$&L'ES OF THE SPECS& IZEZ!bI1K+ OF TBE <br />EDINA-VII@GE COURCIL, HELD Sn, <br />ADGUST 5, 1950, U-2:3O P.&I,, A!E TH!3 , <br />1 r 3DXNA TTIliUGB €IALIJ <br />wsnant to due CAI and notice to &mbers of councii, Neeting conyeaed at 2:30 P.H. <br />at the Village Hall, to consider award of bids on certain improvement projects, <br />the matter of Village-oTmed vehicles, znd the matter of special assessments. <br />All members of Council irere present. <br />Office &nzger reported that considerable overtime vork will be necessay if special <br />assessments are to be certified to County Anditor by October 10, 2s reqyired by them, <br />Hawthorne moved that Office 1-hager be authorized to order overtime work, at rate of <br />Fime-and-one-half, as necessary to complete special assessment rollso Notion seconded <br />by Child and cwried. <br />I <br />It Gas reported to Courzcfl that the low bidder on Water Main Improvements No, 23, 24# 25 and 26 wishes to use Hueller hydrants, vrhereas dl hydrants now in use in the <br />Village are dl of the Vatrous type. <br />that it is the sense of %his Meeting that Kueller hydrants fulfill specifications. <br />Hotion seconded by Pden and carried. <br />Dfscussion was had vith regard to proposed Brovmdale Park smitary sever agreement with <br />SG,Louis Perk, vith DepuEy Clerk reporting %hat attorneys of two villzges expect to <br />meet this next vet& on this matter, <br />- Considerable discussion €olloved. Child moved <br />~ <br />Discussion iras had vith regard to identifying Village oTmed equipment, with Havtnorne <br />moving tbat it be the policy of the Council that all Village-oTmed equipnent be marked, <br />in uniform style of identification. Motion seconcied by Child and carried. <br />There being no further business before this <br />ment wqs seconded by Pden and uzzvrimouslg