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ISESOLUTION SETTPIMG STBBET Il@ROlG3E3?I! mmNG <br />TJH!3REAs, the Village Council desires-on its ovrn motion to improve the <br />following streets by asplying a Dustcoat of Oil thereon, as authorized by <br />Chapter 119,'SessiOn hws of 1949: <br />Beard Avenue from W. 56th Street to If. 58th Street <br />&ring Avenue from 1'1. 56th Street to W. 58th Street <br />Dro't.~ Avenue from !f; 58th Street to V?* 60th Street <br />Southviev Lane from Unity Avenue to Concord Avenue <br />St e Andrevs Avenue frour'ldceview Drive. to Southview Lam <br />Belmore lime <br />Tracy Avenue from HighvrG No. 169 to Highland Road <br />Pork Avenue from i'l. 55th Street to IT, 60th Street <br />tfindsor Avenue from &ormandale Road to Code Avenue <br />Kent elace from ESnt Avenue to T'Jindsor Avelzue <br />. <br />NOYJ,' Tl33EZNFORE, Zd IT II.ESOLV3D by the Village council of the Village of <br />Bdiiij tbt it is deemed necessamj and expedient to improve the aforementioned <br />streets by applying a Wstooat of-Oil thereon, and that on the 11th by of <br />Septembcr, 1950, at 7:30 o'clock P.M, , this Council will meet at the Village <br />Hz11 in said Villagc and v~ill at said time and place hear the parties interested <br />there in in reference'to such improvement, &d will decide whether or not to <br />undertdce such improvement, in whole or- in part . I <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution vas seconded by Hawthorne, aad on RolLcaJ.1 <br />there were four eye9 and no nzys, as follows: Panew, age; Paen, aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye and Child, aye; and the Resolution <br />--r <br />As a mstfer of old business, Engineer Olsson reported to Council that there is <br />considerzbfe work to be done on Nzrket Street before easement for 7% feet By <br />E.C. Stovr-removal of large tyee, building of retaining wall, lowering of <br />wzter main coiurecthx; building of' sidewhlk and retaining 1.1~11, etc. IT0 action <br />' taken, <br />Hzvthorne's motion, thzt matters of old business be laid over to next regula? <br />meeting, yas seconded by Pden and carried. - <br />Hmithorno's motion, for sdjournment, bras seconded by EQen and carried. <br />adjourned-2.t ll:25 P.N., until Tuesday, S <br />Neetins <br />Members present were chi id;^ &nens, md'Hawthorn9 with Child presiding, <br />Deputy Clerk presented Assessment Rolls for the followin& construction go jects, <br />all of which have been financed by Sg50 Improvement Bond Issue, Series One: <br />Street Im-orovement No -4-1 - Blq3ctop?ing bf Oxford Avenue from Interlachen <br />Street Inmovement No. 8-2 - Blacktoppin:? of Choven Avenue from 'f;1.57th to <br />Street Imrovement Bo. A-'3 - Blsktoppipg of Oxford Avenue, Vandervork <br />Street Inmovement Ro. 3-1 -.Construction of Curb and Gutter in Halifax <br />Blvd. to V.5ls'C St. - Assessment - $1,77 per assessable foot. <br />1/,58'Gh Street . - Asses2ment - $1.63 per sssessable foot. <br />Avenue, pad Hollywood Road, all in Beverly'Hills Addition - Assessment <br />$2,17 yes assessable foot. <br />Avenue between W.52nd and tJ,53rd Streets - Assessment - $2.25 ?or Assessable <br />Zioot . <br />Bezxd Avenue beWedn'W. 55th md tT, 56th Streets - Assessment - $2.22 per <br />Assesszble foot. <br />Street Improvement Bo. C-2 - Gradinp and Gravelling, and laying of Stabilized <br />Oil Base in all streets in Indian Hills - Ass.essment - $1.05 per Assess..,blc <br />Foot, <br />Street Imwovement No. D-I. - Construction of Sidevrdk, Curb and Gutter in <br />those portions of the Borth Side of Market Street between 3rancc sad <br />Halifax Avenues where such'iqrovements have not ?lr&dy been instelled. - <br />Assessment - $1.79 per assessable foot. <br />. Street Immsrovenient No, B-2 - Construction of Curb and Gutter in t!. Side of <br />-