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.. .-- . -- <br />Nembers answering Rollcall were Child, Danens and Ericksmr Palen and Hawthorne entered the Heeting at a later time, as-recorded belov. <br />c <br />3k. Carl 31. Bansen presented Preliminary Plat of llParkvrood Knolls Second -r;ddition,'r <br />comprising approximtely eight lots and one new road, direc%ly Irest of 'IPar@mod - Knolls, Engineer Olsson eqlained that this parcel is part of the llPar&mod Hnollsif <br />mster plan, uhich has heretofore been approved by the Planning Godssiosz; and that <br />the Planning Commission approvefi this portion of plat at their meeting of Oct0ber.17~ <br />Child moved for approval of prelary plat of 1fPark7c.rood Knolls Second Additionel* <br />&tion seconded by Danens and carriede -. <br />?&, Ransen requested permission to extend new road around small lake, r.J'nich, although <br />not in preliminary plat presented tonight, is a part of the,master prelbinary. <br />and Hr. Olsson stated that this request had been approved by the Planning Gomission <br />at their-last meeting. Child moved that Council authorize 1-k. Hansen to constrict <br />road around lake in pkeparation of plat w&ch has approval of Planning Comnnissionc <br />Ifotion seconded by Danens and carrieds <br />3. Hansen asked Council approval for building permits for lots in Preliuinary Plat <br />just qpmved, eqlaining that it will be at least 30 days before surveyors cm <br />file final plat; that t'nere is no expectation of chmging preliminary for fins, <br />and that he has two customers who wish to build hediately. <br />Building Inspector be authorized to issue permits for dwellings on lots as described <br />in Preliminary Plat of' Parkrmod Kr10lJ.s Second iiddition, was seconded by Child and <br />carrieda <br />Ere Edvsrd Nooney, 4613 Cascade Lane, representing the Cascade Lane residents, <br />complained of the condition of the blacktopping in this street,.saying that he and <br />his nei&bors pal refuse to pay assessmznts uqless something is done to improve it, <br />fie was requested to consult with Engineer Olsson. <br />He <br />Danens' motion, that <br />k <br />i r . <br />Trustee Palen entered the meeting at this time, <br />7B@.neer'Olsson presented Final Plat of 'aearrangenent of Lots 16 and 17, Rolling <br />Green,'! i&ich had been preserhzd- at last,rogular Counc5.l. Heeting and referyed to <br />Planning Commission fqr its zeco;nnendation. &frc Olsson explrzined that the <br />Commission had recommended approv&l of this plat,-at its E-Ieeting of October 1'7. <br />Child moved tht Final Plat of I'Rearrangement of Lots 16 and 1'7, Rolling Green" <br />be accepted, and that wilding Inspector be authorized to issue pqmkbs for - <br />dwellings on the lots %herein. .Islotion seconded by Danens and carried, <br />T <br />Erigineer Olsson reported Planning Commission had approved Preliminary Plat of <br />!'Candy Park1' Addition, by XcSahon, with suggestions as to the chan,csing bf lot sizes <br />o$ two lots; that Ilr, Ed4ahon intends to cmfom with suggestions when. fSing his <br />Final Plat, Palen moved for a2proval of Preliminam Plat of Th.~~dy Park" subject <br />to compliance. withmxoxnendations of Plag6ng Commission, Notion seconded by <br />Child arid carried# <br />Planning Comissionts recammadation for approval of Final Plat of Whady PinesY1* <br />subject to its agreement with Preliminary Plat as to easement for Creek ProplTtg, As reported by Zngheer Olsson--who stated that Prelimhary and Final. Plats agreec <br />Danens 'moved Zor approval of Final Plat of TShady-.Pines .l? Notion seconded by <br />Child and carriedr <br />I-&, Harold 31, Stocke's October 21st request for Stonn Sewer on Dalrymple Road was <br />read. Engineer Olsson reported that this Storn Sewer is one proposed as a porbion <br />of Stom Sewer Improvement Nob 19, r.r'nich was tabled until Hay 1, 19% by the Council <br />at its llaqt regular meeting; that it is difficult to construct only a portion of <br />the storm sexer vithout Snstalling all of it, <br />that $5, Stocke be informed that possible relief might be had by circulating a <br />petition among oimers of properties in a certain drainage area which can be obtained <br />by consulting Bngineer Olsson. <br />gr. Elroy Bouc&trdts October 19th confinnation of arrangements made with Public <br />Utilities Supt. Woehler, for sewer and water leads for Lot 17, Luditorts Subdivision IfJb, 176, %a3 read. <br />decision and action.- Xotion seconded by Danens and carried, <br />Victor Carlson & Sons Companyrs bid of $1,056.00 for cmstruction of concrete drive- <br />way at the Paul Schmitt residence was reported to Council; and, by Xotion Palen, .seconded by Child, ad carried, was referred to Attorney prk&orst, <br />t I <br />After some discussion, Child moved <br />Motion seconded by Dznens and carried, <br />Y <br />Child moved that matter be referred-to VUage &gineer for his .