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Eenibers an,swering Roucalll were Child, Danens, Haurthorne, and Erickson, zrith Palen <br />3EAutes bf Council Eeetings of August 28, September 5, ieptaker 31, Seitembar 18, <br />Septeder 25, ,October'9 and Octder 23, were approved as. submitted, by motion Hawthorne, <br />Pursuant to lrNokce 0; Hebhg on Proposed Stomn-Seuer;" published in SubGbm Press, <br />Hopki.lls, Ebne.sota, on 0,ctober 26 an& Noveniber 2, 395.0, Pffidadt of-Publication for <br />wMch was read by Clerk, approqed as to form apd placed on file, Hayor Erickson called <br />Hearing on Stom Sewer to serve the following area: <br />tfBeginnirmg at intersection of TL57th St. and Dr.eb Ave*; th, North to. North <br />Lo$ Line of Lot &Block 2,Brookline 2nd Addn; €h,Northeasterly along rear <br />kt Lines of Lots 6 and lfj,B&xk 2,Edina Hills; th.Southeasl;erly along <br />Easterly lot line'of said Tiot 6 tp Fhowen Aver; th.Eas€erly'in Chowen live+ <br />to Beard Ave+; th.Northerly in Beard Ave. tCi B155th St.; thrEasterlyw %a, <br />Zenith Aver; tLSoutherly to W.57th St*; th,Easterly to Pork he,; th* <br />Southerly to Ih60th St.; th.Northerl7 to Choxen kve. if exbendedi the <br />Rorbherly'to f.Ja5'&h St.; th&ester& to Drew he* which is point of <br />beginning*1r <br />coming later as recorded belowa *I +"C <br />seconded by Child and carried& *. f .n <br />*Y tC + <br />. <br />v <br />I <br />G.llage EngLneer Olssonrs estimate of cost for that Storm-Sewer in Beard Avenue between <br />IL57th -and TL56th Stree-Ls and thence to the Creek, vas $7,756.45, to be assessed against <br />gquxozkuately 1,575,965 Sq. Ft., or $0.00492 per Square Foot, <br />thk Stom Sewer in the NorthSouth Nley between Ablobt and Beard Avenues and between <br />TL57th'and r.r*56th Streets (to be assessed against abutting properties only) was <br />$1,928&2, to be assessed agahst L$7,386 Sqe ft., or $O,Ol3 per assessable square <br />foot+ Paen arrived during this time* <br />3fr+ Roy Gam, 5625 Beard he, So,, requested that Council determine this evening as to <br />the most practical method of relieving the drainage situation; explaining that an out- <br />side engineer had been called in by Beard Avenue residents, said engjneer having stated <br />that he believed surface drainage is possible, Trustee Danens questioned the necessity <br />of a storm sewer project as outlined by VZllage Engineer Olsson, <br />be settled to satisfaction of'everyone concerned, Child moved that Public Hearing be <br />recessed in order that Eessrs, Carr, Danens and Olsson could confer by telephone with <br />3ngineer"Larson. I.Iot$on seconded by Palen and carried. (See IEnutes of Later in <br />Eeeting) a <br />Public Hearing was nextr called on Proposed Water Hain to serve all lots in Richmond <br />Hills Second Addition, . Affidavit of Publication of * "Notice of Heasing1r, published in <br />suburban Press, HopJchs, 'on Oc'tober 12 and 19, 1950, -was read- by Clerk, approved as to . <br />form, and placed on filet Engineer Olsson*s Estinhate of Cost, in total mount of <br />$23,032+9&, or $5&" per assessable foot was read, *Engineer explained that =gh <br />cost is because of proposed new connection from'kkeview Drive across I\Tomd&e, and <br />&so one connection across EN& railroad tracks* There were no objectioas fiIed at <br />the Hearing, and no objections had been filed prior thereto, SA Pierson of <br />Pierson &osr Go,, sole owners or" Richmond Hills Second Addition, was present at <br />Hearing* Engineer Olsson inquired as to whether it is the policy of the Council to <br />finance underground improvements for developers, giving opinion that Village should <br />not be required to issue bonds to defray cost of hprovements. T+!kr Pierson stated <br />that it is the plan of the Company to begin building improvements on this propedy <br />just as soon as water and gas are in the streets. <br />atteation that Final Plat of €&chond Hills Second Addition has not yet been presented <br />for approvalr <br />carried. <br />&+ IT& 3tilliri of Rolling Green rewested action by Council on matte; of issuing building permits for divided lots in this Subdivision# November 13th letter fron <br />Lttorney Bussell Smith, representing RoUing Green residents EIH,Keating,Shirley Knudson, and Dr, O,J+ Capbell, requesting that Council defer issuance of any building <br />permits in Green until an IIorderLy plan of develo@entr1 is worked oxti between <br />developr htchinson and the Rolling Green residents, was read& 3Iessrs* 1Zeat;ing and <br />mudson 2nd Ih1 Tin supported A%torney Smith, s request, Hawthorne moved that BuiLding <br />Inspector be instructedto issue no further building permits inRolling Green, pendjng <br />action Sy VJXage Councfl,, I.iotion secoaded by Paen ad carried$ Danens being absent <br />fro& LIeeting during this action, on matter of Stom Sewer. <br />His estimate of the costof <br />In order that matter <br />I <br />I It was brought to Councilts <br />Palen moved for deferral of action on proposed Vater 1-Mn for Richond <br />€E.Xl.s Second Addition pending approval-of Final Plat, 1.lotion seconded by Child and 17 <br />*I <br />ltanens was absent during this' Hearing. <br />. . <br />The matter of the Petition of Powers Dry Goods Go,, Ihc,, for the rezoning of the <br />:.Tallace property, again cane beFore the Council* ,$inning Gdssionr s recornendation <br />of October 26, that Powers' petition be denied, PELS reported in Chairman Erafftrs <br />October 3lst letter to Council as rezd, <br />Jr,, suggesting that Council give further consideration to Powers' appliwtion, was <br />yead+ <br />; Letter from Commission lkmber, S,S. Thorpe9 <br />Action on matter was xithheld until Er* Danens should return to meeting*