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' 11/13/50. . <br />5253 <br />5254 <br />- -. E*m <br />State Treasurer - <br />Eidem & Houser . 406*50 <br />1 <br />StaBis Oil Cos <br />Suburban Hennepin County ReEef Board <br />Ed. Phillips & Sons Cob <br />First Natl. Bank of lilpls. <br />f <br />&3; 702.44 <br />1,015 03 <br />Julius ijchahl, State Treas. 680.37 <br />lJa.JOrt FUND <br />* <br />Err Olsson rbported Police- Captain IlcGaryts Eequest for. an increase in the salary <br />of Officer Irving Cminings, who is now receiving $202.00 per month, being as yet <br />within his six-month poobationary period, <br />Irving CWmnings be set at $227.00 per'month, effective DTovember 164 1950. <br />Uotion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Child reported -Arthur K. Petersonts-request for increase Zri garbage collection <br />rate, to 709 per month per dwelling, beginning Ilarch"1, 192, and a new short- <br />regular meeting of Council, for determbation of garbage collection rate5 for' <br />Hawthorne moved that the salary of <br />* <br />* tern contract to run for remaining ten months in 19%. lktter referred to next <br />' yea? 1951, 1 Jl <br />Mr, Child reported that all ornamental lights in Edina Highlands, except two, <br />should now be lighted, preseating his recomendation that a light be installed <br />at Highway No. 169 at eneance to Edina Highlands. <br />Paen recommended that Arterial Signs be installed on East and Vest side; of <br />TJooddale Avenue at Valley View Road; '1-htter referred to Engineer Olsson and <br />Police Department. <br />No action taken,' <br />- <br />Water Bates Increase Study was begun,. with Hayor Zrickson recommending increase <br />of &Q36 per.lOO cubic feet, Child moved that Public UtiISies Supt. supply <br />Council wish list of the water rates of neighboring comtnunities before next <br />regukr meeting, <br />Discussion was had as to construction of fireproof vault for storage of VLLlage <br />records, with consensus of opinion favoring underground vault with 6ement slab <br />ceiling, <br />specif icgtions and to advertise for bids for' f beproof underground vault,, <br />&lotion seconded by Hawthorne and carried, <br />Xotion seconded by Palen and carriedr <br />PaLeb moved that Tillage Engineer be directed to prepare plans and <br />There being no firther business to come before Council, Hawthorne moved for <br />ad joullment Xotion seconded by Danens and unanimously carried, Neeting <br />Village Clerk <br />adjourned at 12~00 Ednighte <br />., <br />I. . 1- * EDIm .. 9ixIAm yLL 1 <br />_-., - -- <br />Members answering Rqllcall 'were Child, Danens , Palen, Haikhorne, and Erickson* <br />M&utes of the Reg&ar Neetiqg-of November2.3, 1950, were approved as submi-bted, <br />by Notion rPKlen, secpded by Child .and carriedc <br />Chairma; $trachauer of Park Board supported his trritten request of November 21, <br />for $1,500 free grant from General Funds of Village to Park Board for puppose of <br />maintaining skating ,facilities (one ..additional rink) for 1950-1951 season+ IAttorney <br />Windhorst informed Council that such grant may legallyebe made providing funds are <br />available in General Fundr <br />General Fund to Park Board for maintenance of skating rinks+ <br />Hawthorne and carried* - <br />Child moved, authorizing Free Grant of $1,000 from <br />Notion seconded by <br />.+ <br />Final Plat of f*Edinbraok Addition" was presented for approval, carrying Planning <br />Commission's November,27th recomendation for such apprsval by Council, . Hawtihornets <br />motion for .Council approval. of Final Plat of "E$inbrook Addition" was seconded by <br />Child and carried* c - <br />' <br />Y