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11/27/50 437 the amount of the charge. <br />The term "individual residencesfi as used herein shall mean, in addition to a <br />single family home, each family unit,in a duplex or multiple dwelling structurer <br />\ Upon paynent of the statement for services hereunder xithin ten (10) days from <br />the date thereof there aay be dedvxted from the amount thereof the aum*of fifty <br />cents (%&) in the case of indiv2dual. residence bills and the amount of ten percent <br />(10%) in the case of commercial bills, <br />FURTKER RESOLVZD, that exception. sh&1 be made in the rate ?or- IndividuBl Residences <br />. ody in the case of residences vhich request first garbage collection bbtween billing <br />dakes; in trhich'case such residences shall be charged at the flat rate of &75 per <br />month per residence, without benefit of discount, for each month between the date of <br />begbaing service and the date of the next regular billing dateec - <br />Hotion for adoption of the Eesolution was seconded by Child, and on Rollcall there <br />were five ayes and no naXs, follows: <br />Hawthorne, aye; and Erickson, aye; and .the R <br />Chi16 I Tillage Clerk <br />Chairman of Public Uorks Committee Danens requisitioned one additional sw-d spreader <br />for the Public I.?orks Crew, of the sane type as is now in use, @ich can be had from <br />TXLliam H, Zie&er Company at a cost of approxiraately $4OO.OO. Hawthorne's motion, <br />authorizing Tlillage Engineer to* purchase an additional sand spreader, of the same <br />type now in use, fron T?Uiam H, Ziegler Company, was seconded by Paleh and carried. <br />The matter of sll-night parking was discussed. <br />31anager and Captain of Police be directed to prepare courtesy tags, and Police <br />Department be requested-to use them to prevent all-night parking, was seconded by <br />Palen and ccrried. <br />I&, Olsson reported reqiested for the lighting of three ornamental lights in Edina <br />Highlands, and recomendkd' that raquest be 'granted. <br />recommended by Tillage Engineer and Public Utilities Committee be approved. <br />Notion seconded by Danens and carried* <br />Vith regad to recpest for Stop Signs and 60th and lierxes, Nr. Olsson reported <br />he had contacted Police Comgittee of 2&apolTs Council for their opMon as to <br />necessity far such signs, but, as yet had r6ceived no x.swer from them. <br />ask5d to follow up this matter, <br />Tlkre being no further business to come before Council, Hawthorne moved for <br />,adjoumnent, Notion seconded by Palen and ca <br />Hathhorne's motion, that Village <br />Palen moved that lights <br />r, C <br />He was <br />Reeting adjourned at 31:35 P.1-I. <br />_. <br />L <br />0- i <br />Village Clerk <br />XIRJTB OF THZ CAWj35 BOIeD I.EETING <br />ÔéČBIB TJEDI$ESDAY, -DECDBEF_ 6, 1950 AT 5:30 P.K., AT THE; ~DIfVnVI-LLAGX HAIL <br />.. <br />At 5:30 P.X., 'IITednesday,. Dscember. 6, $950, the. Village- Council convened as %he <br />Canvsssing Board, to canvass the returmof the Village Election held Decenber 5. <br />Nembers present were Child, Danens, Palen and Ericksonr <br />After review of the talley books by the Board, Child movad that the rsturiis as <br />tabulated be accepted and recorded as the official returns of the December 5,1950, <br />Village Election. Notion seconded by Palen and unanimously carrieda <br />OFFICIXL l3E"S-mWiGE ELECTION OF 1 <br />..,... , . <br />TOTAL VOTES 159 170 75 li.4 74 67 201 238 <br />4 <br />1168 <br />L