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I <br />, <br />I' <br />NO,. <br />12hl - TO <br />Seven-Up Bottlin Co, <br />Eillard Distributing Cos <br />State of l?linn,-Liquor Contzol Corn, <br />IiT.I;I, Bell Telephone Go, <br />Young Fuel Cor <br />Bates Zlectyic Service <br />American Linen Supply Co, . <br />liinnesota..Form Pninting Bervice * <br />i2iller-Davis Co, <br />Automatic ICLarm Corg, <br />Xienst & Ernst <br />Village of Edina-PIR Fund <br />VKlage 01* Ed-ina-General Fund <br />Village of Edina-3p. Assessments <br />- <br />'. <br />€d!IOTJNT $46.20 <br />7Y95 <br />1.00 12.65 26.78 <br />18*72 lL65 <br />97.00 <br />35.82 <br />22 6 50 670 00 <br />- 76.67 <br />22L38 <br />33 50 <br />.~ <br />Ilk, J.A. Danens presented copy of peti%ion presented prveiously, by Oscar Grant, <br />Tor Road Bigh'c-of-3ayr <br />for Henday, January: 8, at 7:30 PJt, <br />Iir. Olsson requested that he be'allowed to trait before advertising for Fheprsof <br />Vault for Village Hall, because of plans now underway for construction of new <br />Ball. IT0 action taken, , <br />Hawthome moved. that Public Hearing on petition bk set <br />Notion secoiided by Danens ajnd carried+ <br />Child moved for adjouri'ent until. December 29, 1950, at 7:30. Ihtion secohded <br />by Palen and unanhousljr carried* Xeeting adjourned at 10:55 P&is <br />' <br />-- I <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL COUNCILFWmG COWmSICEVT JoW.~Igg, _W,?.@%?AY,-@.~.~, - &25% a. ?t30_P,V% AT.J%QRE?QA VW4!qW~ <br />.TT . c- * 1% % ~ -*-.* -- 1 * e "- Pursuant to due cah and notice by the psaSor and Chaimau of Plakg Commission, <br />respectively, the Edina Village Counciland Edina J%ruxing Cogmission met in <br />special joint session, Mondsy, D$cember 18, 1950, at 7:30 P&, at Edina Village <br />Hall. Meeting was called for discussion of Business D+str&ct par- problem, <br />Council Members $;sent were Child, Danens, Palen, Hawthorne, and Erickson. <br />Planning Codssion Members pgesent &re KraTft, Well, Raugland, Thorpe, Hiatt, <br />and Straehauer, with Planning Consultant Nichols gd his -assistant, Xr. Law, <br />&ai petition by &teb Russell <br />East l28 feet of the so-called %allace property, between 3TO5Oth,Street and <br />and of zoning for Wallace property. .'. <br />- also-in attendance. __ .- <br />f 0; pedt to establish parking I&, on the <br />Wket Street, was re,dFwed fCry.-Fomonission by Council.. _- +-. <br />Village-Attorney NindhoFst?s op&ion of Decembir 13, 1950, that parking lot cannot <br />be established in .. Open Dev&pnent District without amendment to Zoning Ordinance, <br />+was read; c t 1 - <br />Council requekted'recomendation fram Poqqiss$on as to 3k. Lund!s petition for <br />parking lot; qnd also as to size limit+ignq pf buildings on the North side of <br />Market Street, Commission to take into cogsideration possible accpisition of the <br />South 125 fee$ of the so-called Moreau property for parking purposes. <br />ft was moved, 1 seconded and arried that Commission recomaend to Cuuncil that Hr. <br />hd!s petitip for establi t of parkc $at on East I28 feet of Vallate <br />property be dpied. <br />It was moved, :seconded and carried that'Colmnission! s May 1, 1950, recommendation <br />as to Parking,area North of W.5Oth Street be re-af3imd. <br />*,I <br />.. <br />r -- $\ .r* <br /><