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1/2/51 <br />0, lie Droney Bev, Cos <br />Xd, Phillips 8 Sons Go. <br />Eidland IJa-bional Bank <br />Val. Eijornson, Treas, PE3L <br />i.&-mc Hosp, Service kssn, <br />Griggs-Coopar, Inc, <br />* *.I <br />Child* s notion, authorizing Village Treasurep to secure Novexfwr Tax Settleinent from <br />Goun%~ Auditor, was seconded by Bredesen and, carriedl, <br />$Tanager Olsson reported that Davrid Bob.eris, tho had been granted a salaq increase to <br />$210100 per nonth, should receive additional increase, recorntending total increase to <br />&25rO0 psr month, CkLild moved that Council follow suggestion of TXLlage Kanager and <br />grant increase in salary.,of $?S*OO per nonth to Davig Robertss, IIotion seconded by <br />Danens and cwried, <br />Application of Joe Carlsin, 5652 Pleasant, kve, Si,, knneapolis," for Edina €'lumber7 s <br />Ecense, was s!bmL%tedJ . Child moved that, Plumber's License be approved* <br />seconded by Dams and cwried* <br />'I <br />I lrlotion . <br />3llINcfTEs OF THE EElXZiL HEXTING OF THE: <br />' $DINA-VLLLAGE COJ?IC?L, W.SAmAY, EEEiUARX 32 19$I.J 'AT- 2:30., I?&, AT .T&E <br />*- .. EDINA V'JI@GE,HAL& _. <br />Pursuant to due call ana notice, 7io&cG-m&-ins'Spe&ial Session on Saturday, <br />February 3, 3-93, at 2:3 P41. Ewers ansvrerbg Rollcall were Chad, Danens, Hawthorne and Erickson, * i&th Bredesen abgent <br />-." <br />* *r <br />Eatte? of'papat of 825,000 in full se&tlement of J.Vi Gleasonrs claim for work <br />performed for the Village, as per Attorney Endhorstts letter of January 29,1951, <br />came .to attention of Council. Hawthorne ofgered th9t,follov&g Resolution and <br />moved"5.t s adoption: I <br />RESOLUTIONFOR SETTiXXEXT OF CLAZ3S AGAIIkT <br />* YILLAGE OF mmh BY J. V, G&ON . + - ,. .-- . <br />&3 If RESOLVED by % jl7i&y%b& of Chi+V&&e of Edina that $25,000 <br />be paid br $@&s.flillagB/in f <br />Village of Edina; this ket-blement having be& reiched on a friendly basis, after <br />-- considered $iscussion, 'Said settlunen6 recognizes the sincerity and good faith <br />of both >Ire Gleason and-the Village of Edina their respective positions, These <br />earnest efforts on both'dides to reach a solu6ion of this matter have not only <br />ended in an amicable digposition of it .but haGe saved %he 's6bstantial expenses and <br />se t anent of all claims made by him against said <br />hazards connected with Grokracted litigation, <br />Notion f.or adoption of gesolution was <br />.. %rere four ayes and no nGys, as follows: <br />and Erickson, aye; and $he Resolukion T&S <br />- <br />I <br />a f. <br />Hawthorn&s motion, tha-6 Hayor and Clerk be authorized to sign Release to J.V, <br />Applica.ion by Donald E: Kemp for food license at tQont s Cafe, 1' 5348 France Avenue, <br />was presented. .3iotion-@x Danens that License be &anted subject to regulations, and ghat strict insp-ection of equipnent and prem$es be made, was seconded by Child and <br />maninously carried. <br />Gleason, yas seconded b$ Danens and,manimchsl;y carried. -. <br />* <br />Nayor Eri'ckson was authdrized to appoint a cqmnittee to stuw I. the possibility of <br />suppla fluorine in t&e Village water supply, <br />.There being no further 6ushess to come b&ore Xeeting, Daae&r *motion for adjourn- <br />ment was seconded by Cl&d gnd unanjmously carried. ' <br />.