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3/26/53. rata <br />* z .M$NUTES OF RJEUlXR 1JIF;ETING' OF THE <br />EDINA pI&LA@ CO@$XL, HE;wl NONDAY, <br />WRCH 26, - 1951, AT -7r30 P.Mc AT. <br />THE EDmA TILL!@3 @E& . c .. ,- - -t <br />Hembers answering RoUcah were Bredesen, Child, Danens, Hawthorne and Zrickson. c. x <br />mnutes of Neeting-of March 12 were deferred to next $egular meeting. <br />Pursuant to Advertisements for Bids, published in Suhr6an Press, Hopkins, and <br />3 which pub&ications were read by Clerk, approved as to form and placed on fixe, <br />- the foUowing sealed bids were mblicly opened and read$ <br />1. <br />Comb( &vequc from the North wenof Beverly HiUs Addition to Division St,,)and <br />Bid (FOR S!l!BEXP IMP- NO. ,C=lL-(Grading and Gravelling of StJlndreim -. <br />Construction Bulletin, lEnneapolis, on March 15 and 22, &95l., Affidavits for <br />(FOR 23TRFLE l3PBOVEMENT NO. C-10-(Grading and Gravesing of Oxford <br />. ( Aveguq from Southeew Lane _to Lakeview Drive) '-* Pfeiffer Zxcavating*Company - @.,170r80* <br />Don McCleLlan Company $1,389015 <br />Terry Bros+ Excavating Conpany &,497*05 . <br />I <br />2* FOR SANkARY &"lB lT@RO~-NO* 3&-(Sewer Extension in ;goodcrest Drive* <br />-from.VL. 5-5t+&-Street to_2?7_feet-South-thereof: . <br />Phelps-Drake Company c- - $$1,252*00'- <br />wetti .& betti $133 58*7Q <br />Bart Ca;rlone $1, 361.45 Sandstrom & Hafner $1,522.00 <br />Western Undegground Const, Co. $2,872.00 <br />%chard Ferron $23 996,~ <br />.. f; <br />3@ FOR IfAT&M.XN XlkRm MO. 33- (Watermain Extension in %loodcrest Drive A _thr-q-t~~.easement-.fram_I)e~er Drive;-th. South. to South Line of IJShady Pines".) - Phelps-Drake Company . g3 0~0.40 -_ <br />Bart Carlone L $3,153935 <br />Western Underground Const. Go+ 85,338.5) <br />- &ametti .& hetti $3, 69~~36 <br />Sandstrom & Bkfner $2,792*00 <br />Richard Ferron 1 $392&30 <br />Xotion by Child, referring bids _to Viuage43ngineer Tor tabulation and report <br />at ~ext meeting, was secoFded by Danens and-carried. <br />Engineer Olsson's recormendation for award to Idn+H* Ziegler Go. for .NH Trac66r <br />and hU Loader, at Net Price after trade-in of old tractor-loader unit. of <br />$4,513.00, was reported.. Danens' motion for award to Ziegler Go. was seconded <br />by ffaythorne and carried. . I <br />Chiid moved that award 68 Dump Truck bids taken Ikch 12th be deferred until <br />Neeting of P-pril 9th. Motion seconded by Hawthorne and Carrie% <br />, <br />Bo Paul Dcnnisonts petition to replat Lot 8, Rolling Green was supported by <br />Attorney Russell Smith, and opposed by-Rolling Green Association. Child moved <br />that matter be deferred until next regular meeting when Attorney Wndhorst can <br />be present, <br />Dr. Ralph Peterson appeared to substmt+iatc his letter agreeing to move his <br />grading eqipment fron his promises at 5700 NormanddLe Road as soon as possible. <br />Child moved that Order to &ope Equipment be held in abewnce until May 1,195I-e <br />Motion seconded b'Jr Ikwthorpe and carried, <br />Nr.' Clarence J, Bove's letter, in answer to Order to Complete Basement Dwelling, <br />was read, <br />of dwelling, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Notion seconded by Hawbhorne and carried. <br />Daqens' motion, thai; Ilk. Bove be given until July 1 to begin-completion <br />Petition signed by eight couples and one individual (all neighbors), compla5ning <br />of Donald J. ElcClellan's non-confomqpce with Zoning Ordinance, was read. <br />Dvorak and sever& others appeared to support petition. Hawthorne's motion, <br />directing Captain of Police to file comp'laint against Donald J. McClellan for <br />non conforming use of. land, was seconded by Cliild and carried. <br />&,, E,C. Stow requested survey of sanitary sewer for 70th St, and Nomandale <br />projsct. Trustee Child pointed out that Village has never-advanced money to <br />directcdto give rough es$imate of cost of trunk sewer to serve Normandfie <br />, ' finance such extension, Child moved that when Tillage Engineer returris he be <br />, areaq, Motion seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />,